Out With the Old, In With the New

 Numerology 2020 - 2029


The world is shaping up to be a very different place. As mentioned in many previous posts, 2020 - 2030 will bring forth hairraising changes in how humankind interrelates globally. In particular, there are far-reaching efforts to unify the world culturally, socially and economically.

Global synergism and money power are legitimate concerns and also key areas of focus for economic betterment.

2020 is the turn of the tide.

More often than not, global energy doesn't change in a split-second, it's a slow progression of change that isn't clearly visible right away! Since 2000, humankind has been standing firm against the changing universal direction; be it as it may, we can no longer persevere in the face of the shift that starts to take place over the next nine years.


One-sided, unfair and self-seeking aspirations have difficulties getting off the ground or staying the course! Businesses and individuals that are influenced solely or chiefly by motives of personal or private pleasure and advantage, underperform or meet with frustrations.


What's more, not the 2020 elections but the 2024 elections are of greatest significance. Judging by the numbers by 2027, many private enterprises collapse and many government programs and policies tossed out. Unquestionably, nations, people, and opposing political parties must learn to get on well with each other.


A few privately owned businesses are already feeling as if they can no longer keep afloat by themselves and since 2014, many newly emerged businesses and young companies are pulling out all the stops to stay in business.


Being that mergers and acquisitions will continue to be a popular business strategy for companies looking to expand into global new markets or territories, the third millennium will produce some of the most powerful global corporations. We have yet to see the biggest companies in the world. In all likelihood, within eighteen years we will get wind of some of the most powerful corporations in the world.


August 2019 began readying us for 2020, some things that have expanded beyond belief are coming to an end or have to be adjusted. July 2019 is the rotational cycle that will point us in the right direction for future growth. Keep in mind 4 is a straight shooter and everyone is forced to be above board. 4 gives structure to anything that needs to go the distance.


Posted: 07/29/2019