20|20 Mash-Up

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The heavy stellium in Capricorn is like black powder in a firecracker. When the fuse is lit, there is plenty of bangs!

I am not an astrologer but, OMG! The lineup of planets in Capricorn from December 2, 2019, until January 18, 2020, is eye-opening.  "A stellium is defined merely as a group of 3 or more planets in a single particular sign of the zodiac." 

Deep Rooted Changes.


Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, the South Node and Eclipses are powerful change agents, retaining an intense focus on the house that the sign of Capricorn is in. Between December 2019 and January 2020, the Sun, Venus, Mercury, and a Solar Eclipse/New Moon are energized by Capricorn too. The mash-up of all these planets is an indication of effort, exhausting work, more consistency, practicality, caution, a more conventional frame of mind and ambitious goals. 


 Transit Watch


Most likely in 2019, things ran smoothly without any tireless effort on your part. That changes by March 2020!


Numerically speaking, in January and February 2020, collectively and individually there's something unanticipated that causes a dramatic change in your life's direction. For some, the drastic change is their lifework and for many others, the dramatic change is with a personal/business relationship, finances, lifestyle or personal health. What's your Numerology Life Cycle? Your Life Cycle describes what's destined for you and the changes that inevitably affect your life that are brought about by your Personal Years, Pinnacles and Transits.


20|20. Impassioned and more seriousness. A joining together, and mash-up of miscellaneous affairs.


2020 is a turning point, a pivotal point thus, a lot is happening and a lot of hard work is required that will lead to changes for the better with longlasting results. Regrettably, it'll take a while for everyone to shake off the poor habits developed in 2019. Nevertheless, by April 2020 we're in the thick of this new decade and so regardless of your 2020, Personal Year, life is agonizing. Sorry to say, those of you in a 2020 Personal Year 3 or 2020 Personal Year 5 will feel weighted down; thus, it is hard to feel optimistic (3) or free (5).


Stress, emotional turmoil, and economic hardship.


For the next six years, there is a growth in consciousness, you will discover that the world is not going to work as it always did, or as you have taught that it would. Positive thinking is critical now because 2020 could bring chaotic change in some area of life.


It's time to forgive yourself and to forgive others. 


We are each forced to clean out skeletons in the closet, old wounds, and the past. On account of this, something uncomfortable is liable to be uprooted and, utterly destroyed. Ideals that are 85% improbable will go nowhere requiring you to let the dream go. During the 2020s you may find yourself wrapped up in your emotions and therefore unable to find a reasonable solution.


2020-2025 requires you dig deep and there are probably difficult questions you must ask of yourself. 


The 2020s are also about building healthier and balanced relationships in which each person or business is invested in the other's growth. This is also a decade wherein relationships and partnerships that can no longer survive, are done away with or changed in a very surprising way. Likewise, unprecedented or very strange, unheard-of partnerships are formed over the next ten years.


2020 is a tremendously important time in life that can open the door to new and rewarding experiences and inner growth. For some of you, a physical move is in the works!


As a final point, during this 2020 mash-up, it will feel as if the Universe is applying pressure for an extended period. Even so, there are wonderful changes ahead but only if you can manage to stay focused on the rare opportunities and not the potential obstacles.

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