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Universal Year 4 brings with it a feeling of being imprisoned, restricted, trapped in a job, debt, love relationship, marriage, or overpowered physically with health problems. With 4 you earn your way, and you have to do it in good conscience!

2020 is the turn of the tide and so, a year to get things in your life in a secure position.

For eighteen months, the twin flames 4 and 8 are under pressure! What this means is, if you have a Major 4 or 8 in your Blueprint or in a 4 or 8 Life Cycle, Pinnacle, Personal Year, or Transit,  your life is likely tied in some general or exceptional way to the transformations that will take place in 2020.  4 and 8 more so than any other single numbers have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends so, for these people health could be at risk.


Keep in mind since 2017 and for nine years, we must adhere to the directives of 9 (Directive Cycle 9), so whatever happens to you will result in an emotion-charged internal transformation.


What Pinnacle and Personal Year are you in?
Areas of growth that are indicative of your Pinnacle Number is where 4 will bear down and force you to reevaluate and reshuffle something in your life. Is it is worth keeping or should you let go?  I encourage those of you in a Personal Year 4 or Personal Year 7 to understand where you are at this moment in time. 


4 and 8 don’t be surprised if there is a substantial shift in your wealth and earnings - for the better or worse. For sure, by April 2021 there are exciting and dramatic events that turn your life in a different direction. For the twin flames 4 and 8, something about life as you know it is passing away, ending. In all likelihood, the changes that take place relate to your life of luxury and your effectiveness or ineffectiveness in working toward well-grounded and practical goals.


With 4, there is no easy solution or way out but thanks to 9, there is a more rewarding path ahead.


Fair warning, at some point from July 2019 to May 2020 you will undoubtedly feel confused, stressed-out and stuck! As aforesaid, in the next eighteen months, everyone's attention is seriously drawn to their current Pinnacle. For many of you, there could be a new demanding undertaking that is characteristic of your Pinnacle. What’s more, starting in 2020, tact, compromise and partnerships are high on the list.


It is very important that you adopt a mindset that things are happening for you and not to you. In doing so, you rid yourself of the victim mentality.


9 is concerned with how well you are progressing spiritually and emotionally, your God Consciousness.  4 is concerned with what’s real and touchable. Therein lies the problem and reason for the confusion in 2020. 4 is concerned with your Physical Level of Consciousness, situations having to do with your health, finances, employment, personal empowerment, self-worth, power, material yearnings. In the coming months, how you define yourself in terms of your material successes and status are tested. 

I've been warning people for many years now, of what I perceived numerically to be a 'Health Cycle.' Many people are forced to be more concerned with their health.


2016-2025 is a ten-year cycle wherein tending to your health is necessary and in the end, beneficial to your quality of life.


Health is tremendously more important in the next eighteen months. I suspect the circulatory system, hardening of arteries and heart attacks, strokes, obesity, high blood pressure, arthritis are the primary diagnoses. Due to falls, shin, right arm, knee and ankle injuries. Liver, lungs, stomach and gall bladder problems, bronchitis, allergies, stomach ulcers, heartburn, clinical depression, and nervous breakdowns will likely increase too.


Continue to remind yourself that things are happening FOR YOU and not to you. Whether it is your health, finances, employment, or a living situation, making the necessary adjustments to your way of life will improve your life.


It might be difficult at first but, stay the course; the goal of this Directive Cycle 9 is to change your life for the better.


At the direction of 9, Number 4 determines how fit you are, how you measure up materially and your physical development. I'm convinced that a considerable amount of people don't measure up!


Numerically speaking 2020, 2022, 2023, and 2025 are the most challenging years for health and the rapid widespread of infectious diseases. 


Posted: 06/20/2019