The Awakening


In your Personal Year 1, it's vitally important to be self-controlled and have a firm grip on life. What you do or don't do in your Personal Year 1 has an effect on your Personal Year 11/2 and so on.

Fix in your conscious mind, as a general rule, it typically takes a completed nine-year cycle to redirect life onto a different and better path.


This holds true collectively and individually. Events invariably occurring from the Universal Years 1 through to the Universal Year 9 are relevant to each other, the events are not isolated incidences. By the same token, events ordinarily occurring from your Personal Year 1 through to your Personal Year 9 are relevant to each other. 


With this in mind, my numeric opinion is that Directive Cycle 9 is a bit different.


A 9 Cycle denotes a spiritual awakening and with that, there is typically suffering like a death in the family, a downfall, a sudden bout of illness. There's typically emotional stress as something, or other is coming to an end.


Given that the Directive Cycle 9 operative number is 9. I include events for ten years. Thus, happenings globally from the Universal Year 9 through to the next Universal Year 9 are vitally important events. That is to say, in due course, everything rooted out and ALL the very unpleasant and prolonged experiences occurring globally and countrywide from 2016, Universal Year 9 to 2025. Universal Year 9 somehow or other redirects humanity's lives onto a different and better path.


Remember 9 produces one-off events or situations that in the fullness of time, typically initiate remarkable change.

Be mindful that irrespective of whether it's a nine-year Directive Cycle or nine-year Personal Cycle; the years
1, 5, 79 are key milestones. I have dubbed these notable milestones, shaping years.



Once you completely grasp this fundamental nine-year concept, every nine years you will eagerly reorganize and carefully draw up new plans for your life. Equally important is to remember the ninth year of every nine-year cycle, clears the slate. Providing you the chance to begin again. Be mindful, if you misstep from October of your Personal Year 9 to August of your Personal Year 1, it could realistically be four to nine years before you are able to get back on your chosen path. Where Am I