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Some cyclical patterns powerfully influence your movement throughout your life, once you willingly accept and reasonably identify these remarkable occurrences, your year-on-year experiences are more sensible. Bear in mind, there are cycles within cycles, your Personal Year and Personal Month are one of many cycles happening simultaneously in your life.

To calculate your personal month number, you must know your personal year number then add it to the current calendar month number. Reduce the result to a single digit.

AUGUST, Calendar Month 8


Personal Year 1.

August is your Personal Month 9.  Because of the nature of 8, you probably hit a rough spot at the start of July, but things smoothed out nicely for you. 2021 is one of the most important years of your life! In August a very long chapter of your life is completing. A situation from as far back as 2012 or as recent as 2016 needs adjusting. If you are making considerable or small changes, your life will likely take a turn for the better in November. Whether you make a colossal change or a tiny change, it will affect your life in some way that you probably can't quite conceive yet. Things will soon start falling into place! That doesn't preclude the fact that you should not get comfortable where you are, keep fighting to change your life around! More so than any other year, do not let opportunities pass you by, don't give in! Your official new beginning starts September 2021. In whatever manner your new beginning comes about, it will surprise you – it's something you never anticipated!  The remainder of this year will move rather fast; thus, you are awfully busy! Whatever happens from September – November can surprisingly redirect your life onto an extraordinarily different path by March 2022. People usually mess up in their Personal Year 1. Your life can be on a much better path if your choices since October 2020 have been the most suitable. Otherwise, look for something unfavorable to deter you from moving forward in a more positive direction. Even if you do nothing at all this year, change will happen naturally. If you did nothing to better your life, the change probably won't be how or to the extent, you'd like but a force of circumstance will definitely bring about a change. Warning, if you are in a Personal Year 1 and  Pinnacle 1,  life changes fast from September 2021 - March 2022!

Personal Year 11/2.

August is your Personal Month 19/1. In July you or someone else suddenly ended a partnership or agreement. Fortunately, in August there is something new that surprisingly opens upIn August, the rewards you've earned since 2020 are materializing and you now see the bigger picture clearer. Fair warning, in regards to partnerships, September is an action-packed month, a turning point in regards to a new or old partnership or agreement. In September, there is a potential for simultaneous events that you didn't anticipate! Watch your health in August! People tend to die suddenly in September of their Personal Year 11/2. Thankfully, you are almost free from this spider web and by October 2021 you start to feel more hopeful about your future –as you should. October will restore your optimism about life! In December 2021 and again in February 2022, you will see the most impactful changes of the past two years. It behooves you to be bold enough in August to go against the grain; have a differing opinion or take a different direction from the majority. It may take until May 2022 or July 2022 for you to recognize this; nevertheless, anything you are intentionally determined to do, you will have magnificent support from dear friends, neighbors, the local community, and your family.

Personal Year 3.

August is your Personal Month 11/1. The Personal Year 3 energy is the most concentrated, and the strongest from July through December. Look to your Pinnacle to help you understand the characteristics of the situations that are quickly expanding in your life. From July to September, people in a Personal Year 3 tend to be overly optimistic; therefore, overreach, overindulge and overextend themselves. From July to September, you unconsciously spend the most money – easy come, easy go! Something suddenly comes into being in August and likely has to do with other people or contracts/agreements. Nevertheless, for at least another five months luck is on your side so for now, everything will come together in unexpected ways. From July to October, you might be unmotivated, and don't give a damn about anything or anyone but yourself. Even so, remarkable changes are happening for you, but you might not be ready for the bigness of things. Keep in mind, Personal Year 3 inflates and so, problems can also enlarge. Fortunately, in your Personal Year 3, the universe staves off negativity and adversity; as a consequence, you will not feel the enormity of the situation until early 2022. Whether August amplifies something for the good or bad, next year you have to be more self-reliant and hardworking to keep things moving forward. More importantly, a lot about your life will begin to change in November 2021 and you settle into the changes in February 2022. Of course, you aren't looking through rose-colored glasses and not down the road! So, here is your forewarning, in October 2021, whatever you decide on, it has a big price tag and creates considerably more work. In all likelihood, you are overly optimistic about your ability to generate future profits; remember unless you have a cycle that sustains future profits, gradually by May 2022 your luck fades away.

Personal Year 4.

August is your Personal Month 12/3. You have come a long way since January, pat yourself on the back! This month a situation is enlarging! Personal Year 4 typically entails hard work over long hours, financial hardship, family and household issues, and perhaps an annoying health problem. It is time to ask yourself, how am I contributing to the specific issues at home or work? Also, keep in mind, there is a possibility of legal issues this year. Remember all energy is transitory. The heaviness of 2021 won't last forever. You will begin feeling much freer in October 2021 and finally start to turn the page on this current situation by May 2022. In the upcoming months, put your all into creating a more decent future, especially a better financial future for you and your family. Keep riding this year out! Even if a situation expands in August, there is still a ray of hope for improved circumstances. There's a problem or difficulty that must be overcome in September so, pay attention to what's developing in August because the situation can become colossal in September.

Personal Year 5.

August is your Personal Month 13/4. In August there could be serious issues related to your work, finances, health, marriage, or place of residence. Pay close attention to what's going on in your country; whatever is going on in August will almost certainly influence your life either favorably or unfavorably. August has to do a lot with your finances. Since May you have spent unwisely and so in August, you need to make a practical adjustment to keep your head above water. Keep in mind, very little goes as planned this year so it is crucial for you to be flexible to respond to altered circumstances. This year, you are at a critical crossroads in your life!  You can no longer procrastinate, you must make the needed changes to free yourself from patterns of behavior or people you 'feel' are holding you back. There is a health issue or a precarious employment or living situation that is making your life miserable. In September, through force of circumstances, you have to wash your hands of someone or be done with something. Because of this, and rather suddenly, by April 2022, your life will shape up to be very different. No doubt, eventually, this change is freeing, but it is also laborious to make your life stable and strong again, but you can do it! Of all the Personal Years, people in Personal Year 1 and 5 typically make the most noticeable personal and professional changes. If you are in a Personal Year 5 and  Pinnacle 5, September 2021 - March 2022 are extremely unpredictable months of change.

Personal Year 6.

August is your Personal Month 14/5 Although things ended well in July, it was one thing after another. Sorry to say, there are more changes you must make in August. Thankfully there’s a situation that you finally bring to a close in September. By October, you are tuckered out and in need of rest so, don't overload your schedule. It could also be in October, you are beginning the year-long process of healing spiritually and emotionally. A situation or two could get out of hand again in August. If you haven't already done so, August will suddenly redirect your focused attention and responsibilities to a household or property repair, health, family, or national matter. In August, your home environment might somehow change. You may unexpectedly move permanently or temporarily or, you make changes to your home so that a friend, parent, child, lover, new spouse, or family member can move in. Perhaps you purchased a new home, rented a new apartment, bought a new piece of property, whatever this is, in August you are either moving or things get moving. It could also be that you must travel more frequently in August. If you are active military, duty calls. As of October 2021, globally, there is a shift of focus around the world. Everyone will eventually have to deal with something having to do with family, kids, housing, friends, health, neighborhood, community. The family MUST come first! That said, regrettably, from September 2021 until about the first three months of 2022, housing and/or family matters are still intense for you. Once again, September 2021 will emphasize matters related to kids, parents, marriage/divorce, pets, a love relationship, the sale or possible purchase of a home, or re-establishing yourself in a new residence. Forewarning, this won't be the best holiday season, October 2021 to December 2021 are emotionally tough months. By February 2022, several possible things need to be amicably resolved. The pressures can cause you to be more stubborn, complaining, interfering, and argumentative. Advice to you, keep control of your emotions, many people unconsciously ruin their health during the last three months of Personal Year 6. 

Personal Year 7.

August is your Personal Month 15/6. Situations in August have to do with your family, kids, health, housing, parents, marriage/lover. It is possible that something unexpected caught you by surprise in July which is the root of the problems you face in August.  An area of your life is steadily drawing to a close and so, there is an old and perhaps complex situation from as far back as 2019 or 2015 that is concluding. However, the situation won't finish off for another three years. First and foremost, remember Personal Year 7 is a  legal year and so taxes, outstanding debts, student loans, and other legal matters may surprisingly take priority in September. Forewarning, September 2021 to November 2021 are emotionally tough months. November might be the toughest month! It's the holiday season but in November you start to realize that your life is transforming and a new chapter of your life is slowly unfolding and perhaps it is not completely to your liking. Whatever you do, be honest with yourself, lay all your cards on the table, and be realistic in your personal expectations. More appreciably, in 2022 you sow what you have reaped! All being well, in October 2021 you feel more encouraged about your financial future, and throughout 2022, mo' money and opportunities come your way! Another warning, December 2021 and February 2022 are very busy months. Remember too that Personal Year 7 is tough in regards to health and strange injuries. To a greater extent, the illness or injury is something you can't quite figure out or if you have left your health unattended, it is now critical. For this obvious reason, for the remainder of this year, keep on top of your health!  If you are in a Personal Year 7 and  Pinnacle 7, September 2021 - February 2022 can produce a surprising change to your health!

Personal Year 8.

August is your Personal Month 16/7. Conceivably, in August, you have to deal with the karmic nature of 8. Woefully, there's an unhealthy aspect in your life that you are intentionally ignoring. You made a change in 2018 and since then you have ridden it out. It is now time to take a good look at what you have been unwilling to change. August and September are vitally crucial months for you! September 2021 to January 2022 are defining months of change. Things won't happen the same as they did back in, 2012 but for a reference point, think back to then. How did your year, end? Personal Year 8 can teach harsh lessons. Whatever came into being in July, is gradually starting to come apart at the seams! In all probability, by October 2021 you are completely fed up with someone or something. Keep in mind, you only have two months to make changes; otherwise, you have to wait until October 2022 – that is – if you want things to change decisively and suitably. By design, events in 2022 will encourage you to explore the spiritual realms. In any event, there is perhaps a legal or health matter (you or a family member) that you must attend to in August. It could also be in August, something scandalous, perhaps a secret is made known by an enemy. If legal affairs are pending, they become more intense and serious during this month. It could be you have to deal with a foreclosure or bankruptcy in August, or perhaps your living situation needs yet another adjustment; thus, another contract to sign. If you are in a Personal Year 8 and  Pinnacle 8, September 2021 - March 2022 are fragile months concerning money, employment, health, housing, legal affairs.

Personal Year 9.

August is your Personal Month 17/82021 is a year of completion, emotionalism, and losses. This year, it is important to honor how you are feeling. More essentially, no matter how unhappy you are with your life, hold off making any major decisions or changes until October 2021. Hopefully, you took some downtime in July because August is an incredibly busy month; a month that can be rewarding financially and concerning business matters. You feel more embolden than you have since 2017. so, you will reassert more power over most situations. Remember, you have sixteen months, give or take a month before new matters begin to open up and move forward for you. In late September or early October, life will begin to smooth out and anything that has been stalled will suddenly and surprisingly move forward. Unfortunately, in August, you might make a premature change such as starting a new job as opposed to simply accepting a new job offer; started a new relationship, signing a new contract, or moving to a new residence. August IS NOT the time to start anything new, you can however continue to make needed adjustments to what you already started in 2020. If you begin something new, it won't last and/or you won't be happy! You will probably be so frustrated with the "premature" new changes you made in July or August that before April 2022, you change up things again. If you are in a Personal Year 9 and Pinnacle 9, September - November is a spectacular closing out! Be cautious, your ego is bolstered in August and so, you are less inclined to compromise or be humble and more inclined to be dictatorial, argumentaitve and inflexible.


The following monthly forecast merely identifies the general patterns of instinctive behavior traditionally identified through numerology. For accuracy of expression and more individual details consult