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Consider Closely

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A New Beginning: Put Your Best Foot Forward

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What you do in your new beginning year, Personal Year 1, is of the utmost importance because your Personal Year 1 sets the tone for nine years. 


Inadvertently, in the new beginning year, many people throw their life upside down. There’s a saying, “Old Habits Die Hard.” Simply put, you refuse to change your mindset, behavior, and habits even when it’s no longer constructive, or accepted. 


Understanding your Pinnacle will help you recognize the ways to Push For Success.


When you get right down to it, Personal Year 1 is not a time to pick up where you left off! It is, however, a year to give new strength to your life, to blow away the cobwebs, and get going again with a new plan of action. IF you are ambitious and on the right path, July will bring a move to a new home, a new job, a new position, or a new opportunity. IF you are ambitious and on the right path, in September, life should turn for the better and by November life should be awe-inspiring in a new way.