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Black Rob is a rapper who was signed to Bad Boy, a record label founded in 1993, by Sean Combs. Black Rob was best known for his 2000 hit single "Whoa!", which reached the Billboard Hot 100. 

In 2006, Black Rob was sentenced to over seven years in prison for failing to appear in court for his sentencing on a charge of grand larceny in which he pleaded guilty to criminal possession of more than $6,000 worth of jewelry stolen in a hotel. He was released from prison in May 2010.

3 Born, Life Number 8
July 12, 1969 
Productive Cycle 12/3
Final Pinnacle 32/5

July 1969 = Final Pinnacle 32/5, Pythagorean Expression 50/5   

Pinnacle 5commonly brings about unanticipated changes in one's affluence and living conditions. 

5 is inherently restless, impulsive, on-the-go. The person must have other numbers and letters to adequately provide stability and focus of mind. More often than not, there is a lack of moderation or personal restraint; in consequence, the person must be extra cautious about perversion, obsessive interests, addictions, overspending and sudden and unnecessary changes. 

5 is typically able to withstand change, resourceful and determinately strives to recover from difficult conditions. 

2016 to 2025 is a "health" cycle. If not careful, many will depart this life due to ill health. The ten-year cycle intensified in 2020, lessens in 2021, and then intensifies once again from 2022 until 2026.

There's much that can be learned from the short-lived joys and personal woes of high-profile celebrities.

Rapper Black Rob has died at age 51. By all accounts, after releasing the 2011 album “Game Tested, Streets Approved,” he began to experience health troubles and since 2015, he has suffered a series of mild strokes. Black Rob revealed homelessness and a battle with multiple health problems, including kidney failure.


Born July 12, 1969, in 2016, Black Rob started his Final Pinnacle 32/5. As often as not, to a higher degree than is usual, Final Pinnacle 5 brings about unanticipated changes in one's affluence and living conditions. Moreover, when 3 overlays 5, changes can be extreme. By and large, 2015 through to 2018 were destined to be very changeable years for Black Rob.


More importantly, numerically what can be learned from the death of Black Rob is that DOUBLE LETTERS often indicate increased chances of illness that are symptomatic of the letter.  Every letter and number has unique traits and in concert can be intense favorably or unfavorably. The Energy IS Real! 


  • Since age 35, for eight years, Black Rob has been under the considerable influence of two R's – emotionalism (thoughts and emotions can get the best of you), agitation, and diseases hard to typically control.

  • Since age 44, for five years, Black Rob has been under the considerable influence of two O's – hypersensitivity, heart health, and chronic health conditions.


Transits that endure for more than two years are generally signposts of physical, mental, or emotional dilemmas. Additionally, Transits that intermittently reoccur and endure for two years or more, are also signposts of physical, mental or emotional dilemmas.

Although often difficult to objectively analyze or intuitively understand, every letter and number has a many-sided story to divinely reveal!

It appears as if a force of nature is forcing the tragic fate of folks that are 8 BornsLife Number 8Life Cycle 8Pinnacle 8, AGES THAT REDUCE TO 8, Personal Month 8, Personal Year 8 and/or Transit 81726. Tread lightly through the remaining years of this Directive Cycle and definitely devote earnest attention to your health!

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The following posting is for entertainment purposes only. Interpretations arrived at should not be construed as established fact, unless substantiated otherwise. Interpretations are a complex combination of mystical intuition and consistent patterns of instinctive behavior traditionally identified through numerology.