The Exclusivity of Number 9


Your growth this time around is spiritual; thus, challenging you to be true to yourself and fully take advantage of the divine gifts you were given.

The tides are turning fiercely! For many years, one-stop shops where you purchase all the needed services and/or products at a single location were sought after. Based on my numeric interpretation of 2 in conjunction with 9, in the following couple of years, we will likely start seeing specific businesses soaring effortlessly. 


Brick and mortar stores are not dead, they are being revived differently!


My numeric opinion is that the brick and mortar stores that increase rapidly will be the businesses that don't necessarily offer essential services/products but, products that are typically difficult to get, rare or exclusive. 


Shortly, shops that offer consumers the rare luxury of keenly enjoying imported goods, limited-edition items, and private collector's items are fashionable, the new flavor of this century!


Are you like Tweedledum and Tweedledee...


Scope out the established businesses, websites, Instagrams, YouTubes that are comparable with yours. What instantly makes you stand out in a crowd? Is there anything rare, or exclusive about your service/product, website, Instagram, YouTube? If not, in 2020, you'll be fighting fiercely for the same dollar like everyone else. 

It's time to set your business apart, differentiate your products/services from everyone else's.


If I am accurate, single solution brick and mortar stores and internet businesses will make an impressive comeback!  As early as 2020, pleasantly reminiscent of earlier times, consumers will want fewer options, not more options and more items and services of incalculable worth.  


Be mindful of the fact that on account of the double 2 from 2020-2029, many things considered old fashion are "born-again," retooled.


Once more, if I am accurate, sameness and bargain-basement pricing is definitely hitting a saturation point.


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