Discovering Your Family Story  

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Knowing your family history helps you gain a better understanding of yourself. Numerology can reliably identify the distinctive traits and remarkable exploits of your deceased ancestors that have been passed on to you through your  SURNAME (family name). Keep in mind, not only your surname, but the full birth name as written on your birth certificate is a mystical force that powerfully influences your life. writes, “According to the 1940 census, Johnson was the most common last name beginning with the letter 'J', followed by Jones and Jackson.

Let’s briefly explore the surname JONES.  What is heritable in the name JONES? What will the dear parents pass on to their beloved children?


The surname JONES resonates to 18, the descendants of JONES have a cross to bear. Every descendant of JONES will undergo the ultimate test of their soul's integrity. 18 reduces to the single-digit 9inferring, The direct descendants of JONES are emotional and will endure many losses, challenging emotional problems, and disappointments yet have the ability to overcome obstacles. The surname JONES naturally cases optimism; therefore in little or no time, the decedent bounces back from hard luck and personal disappointment. Although not usually visible to the casual observer, life isn't as perfect as it seems. The surname JONES inevitably produces uncomfortable feelings of uncertainty and emotional insecurity in civil marriages and love relationships. 

Where is the Jones family from?


The surname JONES naturally attracts money prosperity & extraordinary luck. ★

Descendants are self-confident, self-reliant, resourceful, doers, and highly motivated to make the changes to keep life moving forward. 

It takes eighteen years to complete the cycles in the name JONES. The Key Letter J is of great consequence for the descendants of JONES. Key Letter J is activated five times before the age of 81; ages 1, 19, 37, 55and 73.

When a person traditionally assumes the family name of their spouse, the following does not apply, the name JONES merely replaces the person's previous surname.


Having said that, family with the surname JONES will have similar experiences in their lifetime, of which is the Key Letter J.  Although commonly emotional, the Key Letter J denotes the descendants of JONES are also logical.


As a result of unexpected and sudden changes and events, the descendants of JONES, recurrently end up with the trump card; thus, gain an edge in some way. On the strength of the distinctive traits of their deceased ancestors, at ages 1, 19, 37, 55, and 73, the descendants of JONES will increase their earnings or suddenly acquire some other form of gain - a leg up in life. A good number of the descendants of JONES will gain through inheritance. 

Descendants of Jones will naturally experience their first surprising change/event at age 1 and the second sudden change/event at age 19, and so on. 

Emotional Letter ​S always gives way to the Key Letter J


The descendants of JONES are risk-takers! At ages 18, 36, 54, and 72; there is an overwhelming desire to take an uncalculated risk or carry out some other unexpected and impulsive decision. The surprising action or untenable situation is thrilling, but eventually, the situation is troublesome. As often as not, in some way, emotions and rashness cloud and distort any decisions. As a possible consequence, hasty and irrational decisions are ordinarily carried out. ​

[ Keep in mind, often the transit gradually develops a couple of months before the indicated ages ]