Don't Worry, Be Happy


The motto of 3 is don't worry, be happy! 

number 3 creativity.png

Without much-concerted effort,  the Karmic Reward Number 3 naturally attracts considerable money and excellent opportunities! In direct relation to your effort, 3 gives rise to exponential growth. This is exactly why Personal Year 3, Life Cycle 3, Pinnacle 3, Transits 3, 12, 21, and Transits C and L are smiled upon.

To give an example. On July 6, 2020, a Universal Day 8, Patrick Mahomes, 2020 Personal Year 3, signed one of the biggest contracts in NFL history, a purported 10-year massive deal worth up to $503M. Talk about a great year! They say Mahomes could be the NFL's newest highest-paid Quarterback.


To give another example. In July 2020, 68-year-old Bill Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots was hired for a Subway commercial, his Final Pinnacle 21/3. Belichick also had a cameo appearance in an episode of the drama Rescue Me as a mourner at a funeral.

Pinnacle 3 is also remarkable for career endurance. Since September 10, 1984, 80-year-old Alex Trebek was the host of the show Jeopardy!  In 1988, three years after the show's premiere, Trebek started his Final Pinnacle 21/3.

Year of Birth Retirement Planner


In a Personal Year 3, Life Cycle 3, and Pinnacle 3 people get their dream job, acting gigs, television interviews, purchase a car, move into their dream home, buy the land they aspire to have, start their dream business, travel, socialize and dine out extensively. 


Almost any leisure activity will not only bring happiness but you can profit from it! Any form of self-expression magically attracts an audience, 3 Cycles are absolutely a time to make yourself seen and heard. 

Of course, there's a flip side too! 3 can also expand problems to the point that they are insurmountable. 3 is also known to make you lazy, pleasure-seeking, or put too much emphasis on sex. As often as not, 3 lends itself to three-way relationships. 3 makes you optimistically unconcerned about the future or things in general. Unless there's a 4 to help ground you, 3 can cause you to be impulsive and absent-minded, overlooking things that you shouldn't.


Unfortunately, because of complete trust or confidence in yourself and the future, in a Personal Year 3, Life Cycle 3, and Pinnacle 3, you spend too much on a car, house, rent, land, clothes. You also spend unwisely on travel, socializing, dining out, and operating expenses.


In your Personal Year 3, you feel the reassurances of the Universe. For this reason, at some point between May and July of Personal Year 3, you become more lighthearted, free of concern or worries. Even if there are things you should be concerned about, 3 temporarily staves off pessimism and unfortunate consequences. 


By the same token, your nine-year Pinnacle 3 is a time when advantages are gained. Money or profits are easily acquired which puts you in a state of peaceful happiness. Most of the time, even in the worst-case scenarios, you remain free from mental or emotional distress.


But then again, the problem with 3 Cycles is, you forget the energy is transitory and so, are more inclined to waste or squander your money or squander your time, and resources. Usually, it is not until roughly April or June of your Personal Year 4, that you feel the weightiness of the decisions made in your Personal Year 3. And usually by the 7th year of the nine-year Pinnacle,  your Personal Year 7, you start to feel the weightiness of your lifestyle. Without a doubt, regardless of whether it is your Personal Year 3, Life Cycle 3, or Pinnacle 3, eventually, your success or failures come home to roost.


3 holds you under its spell until another number wakes you up!


Typically if the upcoming Pinnacle is a Pinnacle 1, 4, 5, 7, many people crash and burn. You suddenly realize that your dream home in a gated community, your $250,000 home, your 13 acres, or your Mercedes Benz is no longer an affordable indulgence. 

Admittedly, in a somewhat unconscious state of mind, everyone will fall victim to the influences of 3.