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Eye On The Tide: PINNACLES

"No one escapes the experiences of the Pinnacles."

Many numerologists expend a lot of energy on the importance of a beneficial known name. Over the years, I've chosen to expend a lot of effort encouraging you to be familiar with and understand your Pinnacles. Whether your experiences are pleasant or unpleasant, nothing you undertake in life is a wasted effort; everything you learn in your lifetime shapes your future.

There Are Four Pinnacles Which Makes Numeric Sense Because 4 Is A Foundation Number. Number 4 symbolizes the practical aspects of life, self-restraint, self-determination and structure which are necessary traits to solemnly assure for better things to inevitably come.

Pinnacles are key events that are naturally coming into your life. Pinnacles foretell what type of personal experiences you can look ahead to. Pinnacles merely allude to minor or severe changes which inevitably have a substantial influence in your personal life. 

Naturally, YOU undoubtedly possess the free will; the conscious choice to accurately determine if your unique experiences are more difficult or easier; however, it’s critical for you to circumvent most potential obstacles, be present and carefully push to invariably succeed.

Transits, Letters and Personal Years point out the annual experiences you’ll go through for the probable duration of the Pinnacle.

Transits, Letters and Personal Years spell out the key areas in which growth is obligatory and how best to get ahead, and how to realistically accomplish your desired goals. Indicative of the Pinnacle Number, your Pinnacle also point out what can cause disappointment and apparent failure. Most importantly, Transits, Letters, Life Cycles and Personal Years and Pinnacles are interpreted together; not independently of each other.

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