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Psychology Today writes, "High productivity results from a mix of factors: motivation, personality, natural talent, training or education, environment, support from others, time management, and even luck. Some people seem to be natural super-producers; others struggle to become more productive ... An individual's productivity hinges on mental energy and a sense of internal and external motivation. It often emerges naturally from work that they find inherently meaningful or valuable. And while not everything one must do each day can hold deep personal meaning, researchers find that maintaining a focus on a larger long-term goal can help activate the drive and energy to push through more tedious day-to-day tasks.

Productive Years represent a twenty-seven-year cycle that typically begins around ages 28-32.  The Third Pinnacle places you at the end of your productive years, hence, the Third Pinnacle is of great consequence to the winter of one's life.  As a rule, the Productive Years is the time to be industrious, creative, and when you should be the most practical and ‘productive’ in life. During the productive years, retirement can appear to be far in the distance and so, the Third Pinnacle is a fantastic reference point.


What can be worse than being old, broke, and financially unprepared for the unique challenges associated with aging or living a life where take-home-pay becomes smaller or uncertain.


The Third Pinnacle brings the biggest share of people into the Harvest Years. It is vitally important to know your Final Pinnacle and Harvest Year. For many people, as they advance in age, work opportunities severely diminish to nothing or, opportunities gradually tail off. It is never the same for everyone! For some fortunate people that have a flourishing career, the energy, effort, and necessary expenses expended might astronomically increase. Don't forget, your life's journey is divinely spelled out at the moment of your birth! 


Regrettably, people are the most unprepared for the latter part of life when they don't have to be!

Within the first three years of your Third Pinnacle, long enough before you want to or have to retire, you should carefully develop reasonable projections based on your Final Pinnacle. Be realistic and also keep in mind that from time to time, life will throw you a curveball and you have to do your best to stay on track. Objectively assess your retirement needs, and be guided by the fact that some numbers are better than others at ensuring you receive what's needed.

Traditional wisdom can advise you on how to take control of your financial future; your Numerology Blueprint will help you know what you can reasonably expect in advance and give you the power to live life on your own terms!