Growing Pains - Adulthood

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Many youths are in limbo as they approach their Productive Years. The start of the Productive Year cycle typically coincides with the first Saturn Return. Your Formative Years will naturally give shape and considerable influence to something new. There is a major transformation by growth and development that must now take place. Your Formative Years, the past 28-31 years will have a strong influence on the rest of your life.

Youth born from roughly February 1991 to December 1996 are naturally feeling growing pains. An overwhelming need for inner peace culminates in the need to transform your life. Ages twenty-six to twenty-nine can be awkward because typically, during the last three years of the Formative Years, life's as clear as mud.

By March of your Personal Year 11/2, of your own free will or divine will, the trajectory of your career, relationship and/or everyday life has suddenly changed.


The profound transformations aren't always your conscious choice, sometimes unanticipatedly, the universe places you on a completely different path. Whether you stay on that chosen path is your free will, but there are new developments taking place, and in time, there is something very different about your life.

You recognize you desperately need to change, but how and what?


Your MONTH OF BIRTH added together with your DAY OF BIRTH is an excellent guide for the best direction that can naturally lead to contentment. Your MONTH OF BIRTH and DAY OF BIRTH is your job description; the extraordinary skills and specific expertise that you are on a divine mission to put to use. Plus, keep in mind there are other numbers in your Blueprint, that need to be engaged too! Nevertheless, your MONTH OF BIRTH added together with your DAY OF BIRTH will give you a lifelong strong affinity to do something indicative of the number.


When the 'growing pains' are triggered, place very little credence on the advice of others. Instead, TRUST your innate knowledge, your instinctive feelings, you know what you dearly need to accomplish to feel adequately fulfilled. So much so that, if you get sidetracked from this number, you unintendedly bring out the negative vibrations of the number.