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Harvey Weinstein


Former film producer Harvey Weinstein's arrest is said to mark a pivotal turning point for the #MeTooMovement. In October 2017, following sexual abuse allegations from more than 80 women, Weinstein was dismissed from his company and expelled from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. On May 25, 2018. Weinstein was arrested and later released after posing a $1 million bail. On February 24, 2020, his Personal Year 8 and Personal Month 1, he was found guilty of two of five felonies in New York. Charges which carry a sentence of up to twenty-five years. His Personal Year 8 draws a parallel to his Pythagorean Destiny and Harvest Year and his Personal Month 1 that draws a parallel to his Day of Birth.


There are four numbers that I commonly see in the Blueprints of sex offenders. That being said, in many cases, sex offenders and voyeurs have a Life Number 3, 3 Born, Soul Urge 3, Pinnacle 3, and/or Formative Cycle 3. 


On April 26, 2018, Bill Cosby, born July 12, 1937, Life Number 3, and 3 Born was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

More often than not, the person with a 3 in their Blueprint has been sexually assaulted, inappropriately touched as a child, or have witnessed sexual abuse of someone close to them. In many situations, the sexual assault or inappropriate touching is kept a secret.

6 Signs Your Child Has Sexually Inappropriate Behaviors


Weinstein, a Life Number 3 and 1 Born started life in a Formative Cycle 3. A Formative Year 3 overlaying a First Pinnacle 22/4 suggests the family wasn't well to do nor were they poor. According to the Business Insider, he and his younger brother, "grew up in a small two-bedroom apartment in a lower-middle-class housing development." It is said that experiences between birth and age five matter significantly to a child's long-term emotional and psychological health. Let me preface this statement by saying I'm not a psychologist nor do I have a counseling degree. With that said, numerically I look at the first nine years of life, a full-cycle as a benchmark for a child's long-term emotional and psychological health. 


Weinstein's first eight years of his life suggests a lot of inner strife and likely misunderstandings with his father (4). Letter W suggests many sudden changes, ups, and downs in the first five years of his life. On top of that, for the first eight years of his life, he was in a Karmic Debt Transit 13. Altogether, these energies could infer that in the first eight years of life, Weinstein had health issues. These energies could also be suggestive of many conflicts, confusion, unpredictable behavior, and erratic changes in the home.


The numbers suggest that Weinstein Karmic Lessons amount to one of the most challenging lessons to be learned. Intense insecurities, a possessive attitude and a deep yearning for emotional happiness and satisfaction which is hard for him to come by. Born on the 19th his moods are extreme and a person born on the 19th of any month often feels lonely although in a relationship or married.


Since 1995 Weinstein has a Challenge 5 which can infer self-indulgence, obsessed with satisfying sexual needs and drugs, alcohol abuse. Destructively, Challenge 5 can be an advanced warning of a person with an increased potential for insatiable sexual desires.


Rose McGowan, alleges that Weinstein assaulted her in 1997. Weinstein was convicted of sexually assaulting former production assistant Mimi Haleyi in 2006 and raping Jessica Mann, a former aspiring actress, in 2013.


From 1995 to 2003, Weinstein was in a Karmic Debt Transit 14. Couple this with his Challenge 5 and he could certainly be intemperate. Together his Challenge and Transit can suggest someone that desires freedom at any cost, whether freedom is gained through destructive methods or at the expense of others. At all times, Weinstein has to be careful about what he thinks and sees because his creative mind can conjure up sexually provocative and delusional fantasies. What's more, from 2013 to 2016 Weinstein was in a Karmic Debt Transit 16.

Business Insider


March 19, 1952, Weinstein, Life Number 3 and 1 Born


Number and Letter Transits (Essence) play a vital part in determining the soul's journey. I preface this post by saying, information is not to be misinterpreted as professional medical advice or mental health advice. My numeric opinion is that the first nine years of life a child's life speaks volumes about the child's Formative Year pattern. It is during the first nine years that parents, siblings, teachers, guardians, and counselors can reasonably determine if the child will be balanced emotionally, or have a very abnormal or dark state of mind.

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Psyche Numerology


Keep in mind single numbers have the same general meaning no matter where they are in your Blueprint. Compound Numbers provide a more clear insight into events.


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Destructive Number 7. Rebelliousness, confusion, nervousness, inconsistency, deceitfulness, boldness with a complete lack of shame, hallucinations, frequent misunderstandings with others, overindulgence in alcohol/drugs, excessive jealousy, hypocritical, two-faced, hopelessness, sadness, reckless spending, intolerance of others, loneliness, hopelessness, sneakiness, illicit affairs, patronizing, nervousness, nit-picking, hard to please, unfriendliness, unapproachable, immature, childish or criminal behavior, indecisiveness, obsession with the shady side of life, psychopathic, egotism, mood disorders such as bipolar disorder.


Karmic Debt Number 16/7 rooted in the Pythagorean Expression. This implies broken dreams, the defeat of one's plans and if not careful, public disgrace, a downfall.

Number 5. Another inherent characteristic of 5 is restlessness, and the inability to focus on one thing at a time or for long periods. Generally, 5 is a wonderful writer or producer and has an uncanny ability to connect with the public. Because of the need for freedom, 5 is hotheaded, impulsive, and oftentimes disorderly and will use shock tactics to be heard or seen. 5 is easily bored with routines. The person is typically fascinated by what is newfangled, risky and untried.


Karmic Debt Number 14/5. The person doesn't understand their motives or the motivating force behind the irresistible need for freedom. Many people are rebellious and will often use destructive ways and means that cause injury and harm to others all in the name of freedom. 

Challenge 5

Must steer clear of drugs, alcohol, gambling, and explicit literary or visual sexual subject matter; all of which are lifelong points of contention. 5 must also be cautious with addictive prescription medications. The chance of addiction to these drugs is great!

The following posting is for entertainment purposes only. Interpretations arrived at should not be construed as established fact unless substantiated otherwise. Interpretations are Seriita Montiel's opinion and intuition of the consistent patterns of instinctive behavior traditionally identified through numerology.