Imprinted Energy

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Casting Out the 9's: For the numbers 1 to 10, when adding the number 9, you get the same number.

 September is the ninth calendar month. On account of this, Virgo's and Libra's born in September have the same Harvest Cycle and Final Pinnacle number. Your Harvest Cycle is your year of birth. To put it another way, if you are born September 1950, your Harvest Cycle is 15/6 (1950 = 1 + 9 + 5) and your Final Pinnacle is 24/6 (15 + 9).


For this person, starting at about age 54, number 6 is a prime focus.


6 establishes domestic duties, marriage, civil partnership, divorce, custodianship, children, grandchildren, relatives, elderly parents, community, health and money are a prime focus for the rest of your life. 

Given that 6 is of great consequence, your Personal Year 6 is inevitably an eventful year and at times, exciting, or hectic as you amicably adjust to your arduous duties and responsibilities.

Merely adding 6 to 9 engenders constant tests for compassion and maternal love of others. Adding 6 to 9 typically produces many emotional experiences. Your retirement years will invariably require you to remain impersonal and naturally learn to care passionately for the old, young and sick and to serve others freely.

If you are born September 1978 your Harvest Cycle is 25/7 (1978 = 1 + 9 + 7 + 8) and your Final Pinnacle is 34/7 (25 + 9).


Starting at about age 54, number 7 is a prime focus.


7 establishes loneliness, grouchiness, underhandedness, rebelliousness, repression, drug or alcohol addiction, spirituality, an incurable or debilitating health condition, domestic problems, religious leanings, legal affairs, and/or sleep deprivation, are a prime focus for the rest of your life. For some people, ta relentless focus is on coming to terms with being incarcerated or shut-in at home.

Given that 7 is of great consequence, your Personal Year 7 is inevitably an eventful year and at times, hectic as you leisurely make a final effort to bring something in your life to a close.

Merely adding 7 to 9 engenders constant tests for self-awareness and spiritual enlightenment. Adding 7 to 9 typically produces a personal need for emotional honesty, introspection and an attitude adjustment to your countless thoughts, negative impression, foolish ideas, absurd prejudices, negative judgments, and mental health concerns. Your retirement years will invariably require you to invest aggressively in expending your mental energy constructively, learning to think positively and sufficiently master daunting obstacles. Naturally, you must learn to be alone without feeling lonely, and get over the unhappiness and pent-up resentment. You are reluctantly forced to pay no heed to continuous noise, considerable confusion and being misunderstood.