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Some cyclical patterns powerfully influence your movement throughout your life, once you willingly accept and reasonably identify these remarkable occurrences, your year-on-year experiences are more sensible. Bear in mind, there are cycles within cycles, your Personal Year and Personal Month are one of many cycles happening simultaneously in your life.

To calculate your personal month number, you must know your personal year number then add it to the current calendar month number. Reduce the result to a single digit.

JULY, Calendar Month 7


Personal Year 1.

July is your Personal Month 8. In July, your competitive and boastful personality will come out. Anything that is slowed down or stuck in your life is about to get moving – fast. Once again be especially mindful of your personal health; failing health can come about suddenly this month. Fortunately, issues with your health do not last for long. July shifts the emphasis to your finances, work and self-worth. You may be more frustrated during the week of July 5-11. Nevertheless, July 12 - 19 and the final week of July should be much better so, hang in there. The karmic 8 always gives profitable and promising circumstances and also something discouraging and difficult to bear. From July through to October 2021, your courage, self-confidence, determination, and willingness to stand up to life are vigorously tested!  Fortunately, in July you have a very good opinion of yourself. Unluckily, this may cause you to make hasty decisions regarding money and contracts. Your expenses are also higher in July. What's more, in July you are inclined to impulsively spend every penny you earn. You need to manage the flow of money coming in. If you play your cards right, you will assuredly have money incoming in 2022. There's recognition, a new contract, promotion, bonus, or an award given to you in July. If you are in business for yourself, your reputation, clients, and sales can increase this month. Someones observing you, and you may become aware of this fact this month. Somehow favorable attention is given to you, and an individual, contract, or recognition can help to shape your life in ways you never imagined. Hold your hat! Remember July is karmic too; something closes down in July but more than likely it is August before a very long chapter of your life is completed. Your career will take a turn for the better later this year. Things will soon start falling into place just as you have always desired them to. That doesn't preclude the fact that you still must work hard to get that promotion that you have always wanted. It’s important you do not become comfortable with what you have already achieved. More so than any other year, do not let opportunities pass you by! Remember, your official new beginning starts in September 2021. The remainder of this year will move rather fast, and it's busy! September, October and November can surprisingly redirect your life onto an extraordinarily different path that opens out and brings about favorably or unfavorably changes in late February or March 2022. This can be a much better path if your choices since October 2020 have been the most suitable.

Personal Year 11/2.

July is your Personal Month 18/9. This year has much to do with other people! In July there is a good potential for a personal or business partnership to end. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because you have to close the door to open a new one. Since February, you have felt blocked and so, there are pent-up frustrations that are gradually building up. It appears that something may have been kept hidden from you since May 2021 but in August, you will start to see the bigger picture clearer. In the first four days of July, a business partner, love relationship, boss, or spouse will probably make your blood boil. You have finally gotten sick and tired of something or someone and now you are willing to let go. It could be someone unexpectedly leaves your life, or a job or contract/agreement unexpectedly ends in July, causing you great emotionalism. All relationships, business and personal are difficult in July. To keep the peace, it is important for you to be more genuinely concerned about others, and practice denial of your own interests and needs. Whatever happens, be properly prepared to make any necessary adjustments in July. Fair warning, in regards to partnerships, September is an action-packed month. In September, there is a potential for simultaneous events that you didn't anticipate! Meantime, July shines a light on what's no longer working in a partnership, clearing the way for a better future and perhaps a better partnership opportunity in August. You are almost free from this spider web and by October 2021 you start to feel more hopeful about life and perhaps with a partnership/relationship.

Personal Year 3.

July is your Personal Month 10/1. You have wanted to transform the circumstances of your life and will finally bring something new into being this month and likely suddenly. Luck is on your side! It's a beautiful year; everything will come together in unexpected ways. Remarkable changes are happening for you, but you might not be ready for the bigness of things. This is the point in Personal Year 3 that many make their biggest changes that eventually become glaring mistakes in October. Unfortunately, you are looking at things through rose-colored glasses. Word of warning, in 2021 friends and your social network are encouragingly supportive and helpful with your dreams, goals and opening up unique opportunities, but that will change in 2022. Next year you have to be more self-reliant and hardworking to keep things moving forward. Don't disregard your health, giving you fair warning, a health issue could progressively worsen between January - March 2022. That said, in July, you are happier and more cheerful than you have been in a couple of years! More importantly, a lot about your life will change between July 2021 and November 2021, perhaps even a move in November 2021 or January 2022. Because your life will change, in the remaining months of 2021, be aware of taking on more than is necessary, obsessive interests, and more extravagant spending. Usually, Personal Year 3 is easier; a year of travel, excitement, new friends, living it up, vacations, clubbing, overdrinking, pigging out and spending money recklessly. In all reasonable likelihood, you are prone to gossip and tend to want to talk a lot more. Contrary to what you believe, the energy of Personal Year 3 is the most concentrated, and the strongest from July through December. Likely toward the last weeks of June, you now have happy thoughts, more lighthearted and so you have a rosy picture of everything you do and everyone you meet. In July you are easily sexually aroused and therefore, can be preoccupied with sex. In Personal Year 3, unfortunately, some wo/men get hoodwinked financially or romantically by a love interest or disingenuous person they come to trust For the next six months, you must be tremendously cautious about overdrinking and spending too much money too much time to be physically attractive/sexy. It may be that you are becoming caught up in a romantic or sexual relationship with someone unavailable or married. From July through December you may be extremely envious of others, exceptionally lazy, or too sensitive.

Personal Year 4.

July is your Personal Month 11/1. This month it's all about others! Personal Year 4 typically entails hard work over long hours, financial hardship, family and household issues, and perhaps an annoying health problem. In June, one or more of these outlying areas in your life mushroomed. In June, something unimaginable might have severely challenged your elaborate plans and caused you to have to work harder and longer. In July, your nerves are frayed and your emotions all over the place so, you are more tense and argumentative. This month you must learn to voluntarily cooperate, to find the middle ground, only then will your economic circumstances get better. Your aggressive actions have considerable consequences in July! How are you contributing to the specific issues at home or work? Also, keep in mind, there is a likely possibility of legal issues this year. There are always two sides to every story, and your story can have negative repercussions, especially if you can't show a genuine willingness to amicably resolve the issues. Even if you have been wronged, July is not a month to take things into your own hands instead, take some time this month to look inward, self-question. It could be your job abruptly ends in July, your health suddenly worsens, or a disagreement with a friend or your wife ends in separation. There are so many possible things that could suddenly change this month due to your actions or someone else's. Remember all energy is transitory. The heaviness of 2021 won't last forever. You will begin feeling much freer in October 2021 and finally start to turn the page on this current situation in May 2022. In the upcoming months, put your all into creating a more decent future for you and your family.  

Personal Year 5.

July is your Personal Month 12. July is another extremely unpredictable month, but a month in which you are more optimistic. Keep in mind, very little goes as planned this year so it is crucial you are flexible to respond to altered circumstances. In July you are likely absent-minded, anxious, more social, a tad bit too talkative and irresponsible with money. You also tend to be quickly irritated or provoked by others, in particular, your family, a lover, or spouse. This year, you are at a critical crossroads in your life! In July you finally realize there is something in the past that you need to let go of, something you must be willing to sacrifice so your life can change for the better. Seeing you are more optimistic in July, try to take time to examine your current situation through more hopeful eyes. Stop procrastinating, you are not constrained from obtaining the life you want, you still have free will! 2021 is a year to make the needed changes to free yourself from patterns of behavior or people you 'feel' are holding you back, or a precarious employment or living situation that is making your life miserable. For about seven years, you have faithfully devoted much effort to something or someone. And now, on your own initiative or through force of circumstances, you have to wash your hands of someone or be done with something. Because of this, and rather suddenly, by April 2022, your life will shape up to be very different. No doubt, eventually, this change is freeing, but it is also laborious to make your life stable and strong again, but you can do it! 

Personal Year 6.

July is your Personal Month 13/4 For reasons beyond your control, it could be that at some point between June 13 and June 20, things in your life got out of control. Sorry to say, more things surprisingly become out of hand in July and whatever this is, it is, more mentally and physically demanding. In both July and September of your Personal Year 6, you have an unwavering devotion toward someone or something. July typically produces matters pertaining to work, a business matter, household/property repairs, health, finances, pets, legal papers; whereas September typically produces matters related to kids, parents, marriage/divorce, a love relationship, the sale or possible purchase of a home, or re-establishing yourself in a new residence. If you haven't already done so, August 2021 will suddenly redirect your focused attention and responsibilities to the household and family. Additionally this year, October is much more exhausting for Personal Year 6. It could be you are ill in October, or something happens that requires you to be hospitalized. A loved one could also be sick, have legal problems, relationship problems, or be hospitalized, putting greater demands on your time, emotions and finances in October. December is a somber month, there is a potential loss or considerable adjustment that must be made. In July, your frail health or that of a loved one could indeed be a sensitive issue. Whether it's something unanticipated that has to do with you personally or a friend, your place of residence, a lover, or a family member, in July situations are likely to change suddenly. July 5 - 11 is incredibly frustrating, keep your cool and try to be more flexible! Your personal finances, a legal issue, expensive household repair, a loved one, a lover, a friend, a neighbor, your work schedule could certainly be challenging. In all probability, essentially or nonessential, in June you spent money as if it grows on trees so you might have difficulties making ends meet in July; therefore needing support from family and/or friends. Over the next four months, there are issues or other possible things that need to be amicably resolved by February 2022. Whatever this is, whether it is someone's acute illness, unanticipated household responsibilities, property matters, unruly or clingy neighbors, you have a full plate in July. More than likely you'll prioritize your duties, something has to be removed from your plate. The pressures can cause you to be more stubborn, complaining, interfering, and argumentative. Whatever is going on in July is emotionally, physically, and mentally draining. You will deal with the repercussions of your actions or inactions from October 2021 through to April 2022. Advice to you, keep control of your emotions, many people unconsciously ruin their health during the last months of Personal Year 6. Heads up, in August, there is something that could change with your home environment. You may unexpectedly move permanently or temporarily in August or, you make changes to your home so that a friend or family member can move in with you.

Personal Year 7.

July is your Personal Month 14/5. A surprising unexpected change (favorable or unfavorable) puts your life on a completely different trajectory. In July you might abruptly move to a new neighborhood or state. You might also on the spur of the moment travel for your job or suddenly change jobs or positions. Pay attention to what changes in July because this is will probably be the reason that your life gets very busy in October. When things radically shift in July, you feel physically or mentally off-balance. Unluckily, this month you are inclined to make hasty decisions regarding love, money, travel, employment, a move, or a business contract. By a fluke, something could unexpectedly be thrown into your face this month, perhaps an unanticipated legal affairs, student loan debt, or tax situation that you avoided or overlooked. Remember, there is an old and complex situation in your life that is closing down this year but won't finish off for another three years. Once again in November of this three-year finishing off-cycle, you have to let go of someone or something. Even if things have remained unclear for most of this year, continue thinking methodically about your health, housing, relationship, family, financial and employment future. Whatever you do, be honest with yourself, lay all your cards on the table, and be practical in your personal expectations. In the grand scheme of things, slowing down and shutting yourself off from the chaotic world to immerse yourself in your thoughts is in your best interest this critical year. Foolishly and sadly in July, you might drink to excess or spend money recklessly. Stern warning, do not drink and drive, you could get pulled over for a DUI this month!  Without a doubt, Personal Year 7 is definitely slow and perhaps depressing! Most of the year you are disheartened about your future and personal or business relationships. Fortunately, in October 2021 and again in December 2021 it could be you feel more encouraged about your future. More appreciably, 2022 is a more promising financial and business year but, a really busy year. Beginning in October 2021 and throughout 2022, there is definitely mo' money and opportunities coming your way – stay the course! To be serious, safeguard your health! Mild symptoms could suddenly appear in July. To a greater extent, the illness is something you can't quite figure out and if left unattended can put you on the critical list. All things considered, many a time, Personal Year 7 produces potential injuries or illnesses that are a threat to your way of life. There could also be injuries or illnesses that eventually cause death. For this apparent reason, keep on top of your health!  

Personal Year 8.

July is your Personal Month 15/6. June, Personal Month 14/5 was likely a promising month for you, especially if you are a 5 Born. As often as not, the months of May and June are great for 5 Borns and this is boosted in June of the 2021 Universal Year 5. As luck would have it, July is another promising month. In July there could be petty jealousy, overindulgence in sensual things, or deliberate deception in a love relationship or marriage. If the marriage or contentious relationship is dysfunctional, it will cause you future problems. .In July, you are inclined to overindulge in life's earthly pleasures. 2021 has been basically an auspicious year, and so, you might also be too obsessed with having new toys and gadgets, many of which you cannot reasonably afford. You can exhibit a bit of stubbornness and selfishness in July. Most of this year you have been very superficial, too concerned with how the world perceives you, and obsessed with power, being seen, social media followers, having money, and owning pricey things. It is a year when you unconsciously become centered exclusively on yourself, courageous and boasting. Life is going so well this year that your ego is bolstered; so much so that you forgot this is a karmic year too! January to July of the Personal Year 8 is typically auspicious, however, you may conceivably have to deal with the karmic nature of 8 from August to December. Woefully, there's an unhealthy aspect in your life that you are intentionally ignoring. August and September are vitally crucial months for you! Personal Year 8 teaches you harsh lessons about money, outstanding loans, outstanding debts, pride, your ego, even a bruised ego, and what your self-worth is tied to. So much so that you forgot this is a karmic year too! In any event, something is finishing off, and whatever this is, has already gradually started to come apart at the seams and by design, will encourage you to explore the spiritual realms

Personal Year 9.

July is your Personal Month 16/7This is a personal cycle of completion and considerable losses. It is important to honor how you are feeling. Nevertheless, be careful of passionate outbursts of unreasonable anger this month. Your health could also become problematic this month or you incur a bizarre injury that necessitates a hospital stay and/or brief time away. If legal affairs are pending, they will become more intense and serious during this month. Many will experience tax issues, foreclosure, or bankruptcy in July. More importantly, don't push for desired results. In July, situations are clear as mud; thus, details of a matter are complex. You may find that you are sluggish, a bit depressed, restless, and unable to sleep. This can make you susceptible to illnesses, moodiness, or an unusual accident. It may be that you are miserable or anxious about an impulsive decision you made in June, sorry to say you'll have to live with your personal decision for now!  If you implemented a significant change in May, the potential problem with the change is, it is premature and so, you won't be completely satisfied with the decision you made. Nevertheless, it is important to take the needed downtime to refurbish your system and your mind because August, is a tremendously busy month for you. Remember, you have sixteen months, give or take a month before new things begin to open up and move forward for you. In all likelihood, in 2021 you feel that you have wasted a considerable amount of your life in a job position or in pursuit of things that don’t really matter or benefit you. This is why you need to find your higher purpose in this life. More essentially, no matter how unhappy you are with your life, hold off making any major decisions until October 2021. In late September or early October, life begins to smooth out and anything that has been stalled will suddenly move forward.


The following monthly forecast merely identifies the general patterns of instinctive behavior traditionally identified through numerology. For accuracy of expression and more individual details consult