Personal Month 

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Some cyclical patterns powerfully influence your movement throughout your life, once you willingly accept and reasonably identify these remarkable occurrences, your year-on-year experiences are more sensible. Bear in mind, there are cycles within cycles, your Personal Year and Personal Month are one of many cycles happening simultaneously in your life.

To calculate your personal month number, you must know your personal year number then add it to the current calendar month number. Reduce the result to a single digit.

JUNE, Calendar Month 6


Personal Year 1.

June is your Personal Month 7. Be especially mindful of your personal health, failing health can come about suddenly. A contract/agreement is also possible in June. Something this month could be hidden or intentionally omitted. For this reason, be sure to inspect the fine points of the negotiated agreement and ensure the person or business's motives are above board. Beginning in July, the year will move fast, take a few days away in June, to restore your mental and physical strength. Keep gallantly pressing forward, your official new beginning is only three months away. An unexpected or astonishing event in July, September and/or October, can unexpectedly redirect your life onto an extraordinarily different path.

Personal Year 11/2.

June is your Personal Month 17/8. This is a very auspicious month for business, in particular business contracts/agreements and your public reputation. Your expenses are a bit higher this month, however, there is sufficient money coming in to offset any money spent. Unique situations come about unexpectedly this month and require a great deal more mental and physical effort. June is a karmic month, so it is crucial to be ethical in your business dealings with others. Despite everything, June is a hectic month, a month of reckoning. Still and all, your previous accomplishments will inevitably produce fulfillment this month!

Personal Year 3.

June is your Personal Month 9. This month desperately requires you to make a few sudden adjustments. Something is no longer advantageous to your future, so it is impossible to continue to cope. Whatever this is, has a drastic emotional effect on you. Without further hesitation, it is time to give someone their marching orders or promptly initiate necessary changes to your present plans or, just chuck out the old plans and start over again. You are trying to see something through that is probably no longer working or useful. If not careful, in June you will fritter away your time looking through rose-colored glasses at something that has not and will never work. Still and all, in July, you are happier and more cheerful than you have been in a couple of years! Because of this, in the remaining months of 2021, you are inclined to be lazy, excessive, rebellious, spend money extravagantly and irresponsibly.

Personal Year 4.

June is your Personal Month 10/1. This month life gets real! For twelve more months, the iron hand of 4 makes it tremendously more difficult to effortlessly achieve your personal and business goals. Nevertheless, extraordinary persistence and personal self-trust can carry you a long way in June. From here on out, nothing is gained without hard work over long periods of time. In June, something unimaginable might challenge your elaborate plans and aggressively move you in a completely unknown direction.

Personal Year 5.

June is your Personal Month 11. This is an extremely unpredictable month. Very little goes as planned so it is crucial that you are adaptable to respond to altered circumstances. This month you are likely feeling worried, nervous, or uneasy about something. An emotional or intimate association or a severance from a position of employment seems to be the reason for the unpredictableness in June. You are emotional and easily distracted this month so stay off the roads as much as possible. Plus, do not drive under the influence of excessive alcohol, illegal drugs, or break the speed limit; a horrific car accident is highly possible this month. Your emotional state this month could be the cause of arguments, criticism by others, and hate-filled words. All is not lost! If you can be thoughtful, and approach others with great respect, there is an unforeseen favorable legally binding agreement/contract in the works. When all is said and done, hopefully, your life changes on your own accord. Between November 2021 and April 2022, your life can change exceedingly.

Personal Year 6.

June is your Personal Month 12/3. Finally, a magnificent rainbow at the end of a month of madness! Unfortunately, you are unrealistically optimistic this month which recklessly causes you to get carried away with your spending. It could also be you, meet a new romantic partner or have a brief romance in June. Whomever this is, you are head over heels in love. Have a good time this month, you earned it! Sorry to say there are plenty more issues at home, with your mother, with money, kids, property, or other possible things that need to be amicably resolved in the upcoming months.

Personal Year 7.

June is your Personal Month 13/4. Ill health, legal affairs, work, or fellow competitors cause incredible hardship this month, thus, a lot of exhausting work. Everything seems to be radically shifting this month; causing you to feel physically or mentally off-balance. A lack of money too can cause you to feel like you are drowning. Remember, there are situations in your life that are closing out this year and will finally come to an end in 2024. Take a step back and think conscientiously about your financial and employment future because right now, it is unclear. If you choose to drown your overwhelming sorrows by drinking heavily or drugging, don't drive! Situations are likely to change suddenly in June. Whatever you do, be honest, lay all your cards on the table and be practical in your expectations. After nine drawn-out years, what you don't want is your life to remain the same.

Personal Year 8.

June is your Personal Month 14/5. Intentionally avoid extreme, reckless, and high-risk recreations. Your insatiable need for excitement is unable to be easily satisfied this month. What's more, in June, you are inclined to carry out things on the spur of the moment. Be aware that, your nervous restlessness and reckless behavior can cause irreversible problems in the upcoming months. You need incredible patience and remarkable self-control in June! Tread carefully in any weighty decisions you make, and be willing to compromise. In June, rather than earnestly trying to force an issue, go with the flow! Something about your life is finishing off in October. Whatever this is, can gradually start to come apart at the seams in June.

Personal Year 9.

June is your Personal Month 15/6. Something personal to your family or household requires your focused attention in June. It behooves you not to be too materialistic and too ambitious this year. Without a doubt, the daily grind for more power, respect and/or money is wearing you down, which could adversely affect your health in July. In June, you are over-emotional and tired of being chained down in life by someone or something. It may be time for you to end the dysfunctional relationship or unprosperous personal initiative. It is good to look on the bright side when you lose motivation, but in your case, you are merely delaying the inevitable. Even so, you have sixteen months, give or take a month before new things begin to open up for you. For government leaders, international affairs could likely be a specific focus of considerable attention and may perhaps become a problematic situation. 


The following monthly forecast merely identifies the general patterns of instinctive behavior traditionally identified through numerology. For accuracy of expression and more individual details consult