BAD SEED, Karmic Debt 19

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Karmic Debt 19

Numerology is a window to the Soul; trust what the numbers reveal and don’t allow your heart to supersede the truths shown. More so than we know or care to admit, there are bad seeds among us.


A study on human behavior has shown that there is generally more than what meets the eye! 


The majority of numerologists simply see a Karmic Debt 19 vibration.  When in fact most Compound Number Transits indicate the hidden forces or invisible strings at play, and many have to do with physical and mental health.  Bear in mind, each numerologist has their particular method of interpreting the numbers which are based on their personal opinions, beliefs, facts, and conclusions.


The general interpretation of the Karmic Debt 19 is that of a person that must learn independence and the proper use of power. The person will stubbornly resist help and refuse to admit the wrongfulness of their actions. As a consequence, many challenges are self-imposed because the person won't listen to others or accept the help or advice of others.


Karmic Debt 19 transit forces the person to stand up for themselves. Often situations arise that force the person to make decisions without the help of others, thus relying on their inner strength.  What's more, a Karmic Debt 19 transit is a cycle of difficulties that must be faced and overcome through personal struggles. 


Some may recall the original 1956 or the 2018 version of ‘The Bad Seed’. The 1956 storyline is about a charming little girl named Rhoda who you soon learn is a very evil girl; a liar, a thief, and a killer. 


Long transits of Karmic Debt 19 is Rhoda in The Bad Seed. When the destructive characteristics of 19 are activated it is a difficult energy to contend with. Unfortunately, when a person is in a 4 - 7-year Karmic Debt 19, what you have to be cautious of is lying and deception. If the Transit is longer than three years or recurring, the 19 influence is typically more difficult and also an indication of the hardwired innermost nature of the person. 

When a person has a long Karmic Debt 19 transit, there is a personality disorder (perhaps genetic) that suddenly surfaces. A disorder that has previously gone unnoticed. 


The person can be classified as a sociopath, compulsive liar, or a narcissistic personality disorder. 


Be that as it may, long cyclic transits19 and/or repeated transits are likely indications of a sociopath. Short periods that last 1 – 3 years are more symptomatic of a person that is perhaps a compulsive liar, manipulative and cunning, or merely drunk on ego. 


Many people with lengthy, cyclic periods of Karmic Debt 19 leave an extensive trail of unspeakable pain and misery. They intentionally inflict pain upon others and suffer mightily numerous losses (jobs, home, friends, family, etc.). The person may perhaps be nomadic, never in one place for very long, always living on the edge, and generally a long history of unsuccessful marriages or relationships that suddenly end. No matter how hard you earnestly try, or how long you have associated with with the Karmic Debt 19 person, you never know who the person genuinely is.

Depending on the Transit Letters, and in particular, if Letter P or Y make up the Number Transit, delusional thinking, head-in-the-clouds, out of touch with reality can be inferred.


Conceivably, some people with long, cyclic periods of a Karmic Debt 19 are indeed sociopaths. They come across as very charming, easily make friends, but to them,  the relationships are in name only, they never get close to anyone or get close to just one or two people. For this reason, the person can painlessly end the friendship or relationship whenever they deem necessary because there's no real depth of passion in the relationship.


Although people in long Karmic Debt 19 transits pretend to have friends, they are pretty much loners. Moreover, although considered a 'love' vibration, 19 is difficult for marriages/relationships. This could certainly give a reason for repeated divorces, cheating, and split-ups.


Numerology apprentices' observation is key!


Furthermore, keep in mind, numerology isn't astrology, it's a separate branch of knowledge. That said, almost every compound number has hidden forces or invisible strings at play. Another transit  I've tracked for numerous years ADHD

Be mindful of the fact that it is never ALL, each person will use the energies differently. Moreover, the initial nine-years of life are the underpinnings for the Formative Years. Generally, if you look back to the first nine years of the person’s life you can see that the person is becoming off-balance.