Karmic Lesson



Traumatic, unprecedented and unexpected events from 2016 to 2025 are intended to lead to a spiritual awakening. These life-changing experiences make it critical for you to become the master of your own journey. This means taking an honest and objective look at yourself! That being the case, you must be capable of recognizing your human weaknesses.


Your KARMIC LESSON is identified by the missing letters in your name. If you have one or more KARMIC LESSONS, this indicates the areas of life that are important to your soul's growth; thus, areas in your life that require extra attention to balance.

KARMIC LESSONS provide crucial insight into the nature of your character and behavior that perhaps you aren't always consciously aware of.  KARMIC LESSONS reflect traits that you either lack or, where you are vulnerable to disappointments and setbacks.  The disappointments and setbacks can hinder your peace of mind, quality of life, or and way of life.

As an illustration, 

A birth name missing Letters H, Q, Z has a Karmic Lesson 8. This suggests you must learn to be financially responsible with your money. Because your lack of caution with money is a habit, it may be so natural and involuntary that you don't even realize it. In most instances, you do not give enough thought to the potential consequences of your spending, or you have a lack of proper concern for your finances and future security. Spendthrift behavior leaves things to chance or you have to rely on other people to bail you out of fraught financial situations. It could be that your apparent lack of budgeting causes you to consistently have to work countless extra hours each week to keep your head above water. It could also be that you habitually max out credit cards to pay your living expenses.

A birth name missing Letters A, J, S has a Karmic Lesson 1. This suggests you must learn to humbly trust and rely on yourself. You are too easily affected by the opinions of others or grudgingly allow others to be in control of your life. Perhaps you continuosly allow yourself to be bossed around by others. In certain circumstances, you are reluctantly forced to stand up for yourself. At the same time, you must learn not to be too aggressive or intent upon having everything your way. Aggression will be met with fierce resistance! You will be confronted with unique situations to encourage you to take a firm stance and be more aggressive or ambitious.


If not careful, when your Pinnacle number is the same as your KARMIC LESSON, this can be a long unwelcomed period in your life.


When your Pinnacle number and KARMIC LESSON are the same, you are routinely required to engage in a conscious physical and mental effort to properly recognize and overcome your apparent weaknesses. Moreover, when a Pinnacle, Personal Year, or Transit activates your Karmic Lesson, the specific lessons are more intense and some, very unpleasant.


Put differently, if you have a Karmic Lesson 1 and Pinnacle 1; in your Personal Year 1, your specific lessons are apt to be more severe. In the same way, if you have a Karmic Lesson 1, Pinnacle 1 and Transit 19, your specific lessons are apt to be more severe. The same is true when your Personal Year and Karmic Lesson are the same. The year will be more excruciating!