Ancient Code of Magi 

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Your Month of Birth and Day of Birth is a gateway that allows you to come to know your inner nature. If not self-disciplined the inner nature can be soul-destroying; eliminating hope, motivation, and nobility of spirit.

Your month and day of birth (not added together) are revealing. Be mindful of the fact that other numbers in the Numerology Blueprint will either amplify or slightly diminish the inner nature characterized by the birthday month and day. 

Key 1.

A small number of birthdays are evidence of a person that is autocratic. The person is domineering, strong-willed and usually insists on having the upper hand over others. People born on the below listed month and day have difficult amorous entanglements and are can be a troublesome member of the workforce. In many cases, the person's autocratic temperament results in unstable employment. Because the person is very self-asserting, it is best that they work for themselves or freelance. In particular, a freelance project that the person can independently manage and can more or less do as they think fit. Keep in mind, a person's ideal professional career path cannot be determined by just one number, the big picture can only be obtained by carefully examining all the numbers in the Blueprint. 


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