Ancient Code of Magi  

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Your Month of Birth and Day of Birth is the gateway that allows you to come to know your inner nature. If not self-disciplined the inner nature can be soul-destroying, eliminating hope, motivation, and nobility of spirit.


Your month and day of birth (not added together) are revealing. Be mindful of the fact that other numbers in the Numerology Blueprint will either amplify or slightly diminish the inner nature characterized by the birthday month and day

Key 10.


A few birthdays are evidence of a person that is masterly, dominant and has a pioneering spirit and therefore, almost always achieves their goals in life. The person is typically self-starting, resolute, idealistic, enterprising, resourceful and dislikes taking advice or orders. People born on the below listed month and day have a temperament that is better suited for leadership positions, working for themselves or freelance. The person must be careful not to be bullying, condescending, haughty, or too self-assertive.


January 05         August 01

January 16         August 12

February 10       August 15

February 04       September 14

February 15       October 10

March 06           November 13

March 17           November 14

March 22           December 14

March 25

April 05

April 16

April 18

April 24

May 05

May 18

June 06

July 11

July 13

July 16