Ancient Code of Magi  

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Your Month of Birth and Day of Birth is the gateway that allows you to come to know your inner nature. If not self-disciplined the inner nature can be soul-destroying, eliminating hope, motivation, and nobility of spirit.


Your month and day of birth (not added together) are revealing. Be mindful of the fact that other numbers in the Numerology Blueprint will either amplify or slightly diminish the inner nature characterized by the birthday month and day

Key 11.


A few birthdays are evidence of a person that is charismatic and is often a symbol of hope thus, attracts followers. Typically, the person is religious or inspirational and spiritual, and their words thought-provoking. At the same time, the person is up in the air about what they want. This person typically attracts media attention, is famous or has a good reputation in their professional career or community. Despite the fact that the person is resistant to frequent traveling, for the most part, they are amazing lecturers, authors, actors, advertisers, activists, campaigners, coaches, educators, trainers. Keep in mind, a person's ideal professional career path cannot be determined by just one number, you have to look at the big picture; all the numbers in the Blueprint. Although the person appears to be cool, calm and collected, generally, the person is high-strung and a worrywart. In intimate relationships, the person can be emotional and uncompromising.


January 17        September 1     

February 16      September 15

March 18           September 29

April 17              October 01

April 26              October 15

May 25               October 30

May 26               November 15

July 1                 December 15

July 3

July 14

July 17

August 2

August 16