Ancient Code of Magi 

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Your Month of Birth and Day of Birth is a gateway that allows you to come to know your inner nature. If not self-disciplined the inner nature can be soul-destroying; eliminating hope, motivation, and nobility of spirit.


Your month and day of birth (not added together) are revealing. Be mindful of the fact that other numbers in the Numerology Blueprint will either amplify or slightly diminish the teething issues characterized by the birthday month and day. 

Key 9.

Quite a few birthdays are evidence of a person that will make the best of an unhappy love affair or marriage. Also, people with these birthdays typically have many personal disappointments and emotional frustrations in love affairs; therefore, s/he is long-suffering. Key 9 is often found in the Blueprints of many religious leaders, evangelist, and scholars. Keep in mind, whether or not a person makes the best of a troubled relationship cannot be accurately determined by one number. The big picture can only be obtained by carefully examining all the numbers in the Blueprint. 


January 01      June 03   

January 04      June 05

January 13      June 16

January 15      June 27

February 03    June 28

February 14    July 10

March 05         July 12

March 16         July 15

March 21         August 09

March 24         August 11

April 04           August 14

April 15           August 26

April 20           September 10

April 23           September 13

May 04            September 25

May 15            October 13

May 17            October 23

May 23            November 12

                        November 22                         

                        December 13

                        December 26

                        December 29