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The Vedic astrology Dashas are incredibly accurate interpretations of what’s happening in your life for long periods of time. You must factor in your transits, true node, ascendant houses, signs, and house rulerships which makes the specific Dasha periods different for everyone. There are possibilities that are true for one person but might be untrue for the next. There are many different Dasha systems. Because of the first Dasha time-lord; in some systems, you may not have the same Dasha periods as someone else your age. Be that as it may, like the Pinnacles and Life Cycles, there are definite changes that naturally come about during a Dasha period. Similar to the Life Cycles and Pinnacles, the Dasha period typically starts to gradually come to a close two to three years ahead of the next Dasha period. More often than considered not, there’s a huge noticeable shift from one Dasha to the next. 

The Dasha periods are long periods of time when a particular astrology planet has rulership over our life.

Jupiter is known as the great benevolent. Jupiter brings good luck and excellent opportunities. Typically your career takes off in the
sixteen years of the Jupiter Dasha. It’s an auspicious period that can bring out your greatness. This doesn’t infer that difficulties and hardships will not occur, however, difficulties and hardships can be very transformative in a beneficial way. 


Saturn is popularly known as the taskmaster. Saturn brings slow, steady, and controlled growth. There are incredible hardships, considerable difficulties at work, possible financial setbacks, overarching pressures, chronic health problems, and even the death of loved ones in the nineteen years of the Saturn Dasha. Much personal effort is demanded to gain traction in one's career; nothing is given to you, Everything must be worked consistently for. 


Approach numerology and astrology each as very different disciplines. Don't try making the numerology numbers and cycles correlate precisely with astrology planets and cycles. When you do so, you will have trouble seeing the true inference of each numerology number and cycle. In spite of everything, the Vedic Dashas together with Numerology can help provide a comprehensive understanding of your incredible journey through life. Remember, with numerology, and astrology, there are active cycles within cycles happening simultaneously.


Without a doubt, 2020 to 2028 are incredible years!  Stay In Front Of The Energy!

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