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In 2012, age 14, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kendall collaborated with the clothing brand PacSun, to create a line of clothing, Kendall & Kylie.

Kylie Jenner is the founder of Kylie Cosmetics, which specializes in liquid lipstick and lip liner. In 2014, at the age of 17, Kylie Jenner and her mother Kris cofounded Kylie Lip Kits. In February 2016, the company was renamed to Kylie Cosmetics; the production was increased to 500,000 kits and by the end of 2016, the company's total revenue was reported to be over $300 million. 


In 2017, Jenner was placed on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, making her the youngest person to be featured on the Forbes list. In November 2018, New York Post credited her for being the most influential celebrity in the fashion industry.  In 2018, Forbes disclosed that Kylie Cosmetics was valued at $800 million. According to Forbes, in 2019, Jenner's net worth was estimated at $1 billion, making her, at age 21, the world's youngest billionaire as of March 2019. As of November 2019, with over 150 million followers, Kylie is one of the most-followed people on Instagram.  

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Born August 10, 1997; Kylie's Blueprint is studded with the opposing 8 and 9.


1 Born, born on the 10th of August, Kylie, a natural-born leader has a pioneering spirit. Moreover, Kylie is a Life Number 8, Personality 8, Pythagorean Expression 8, the name Kylie resonates to 26/8. Born in August, she started life in a Formative Cycle 8

8 is a money and business vibration. A Blueprint studded with 8 indicates an individual with tremendous courage and ambition to increase their wealth, possessions and to have authority, recognition, a high-status and honors. When 8 works, it's with the expectation of big results! In addition to this, for her entire life, a digit of consequence is triggered. This provides Kylie a helping hand and the gentle push she needs to realistically achieve her big business goals. 

Extremely similar to 1 in company with 8, 8 in company with 9 is capable of breaking through limiting factors.


Most of the time, young people in a Formative Cycle 8 or First Pinnacle 8 will go to work or establish a business early in life.  Often young people in a Formative Cycle 8 or Pinnacle 8 are the sole supporter of their family and relatives. Additionally, because of the young person's business interests and the responsibilities of family and relatives, at a young age, expenses are usually high.

Although her natural inclination is toward the business world and profit-oriented. Kylie's Soul Urge and mission in life is a humanitarian one. Compassionate, broadminded and idealistic. 

What's more, Kylie's full birth name is composed of 18 letters and her karmic accumulation is also 18. This suggests that Kylie has a natural tendency to see life and people through rose-colored glasses. At times, she can be gullible and over-trustful.


In the general run of things, 8 can produce financial gains. 

Kylie knows how to make a successful career change! That being stated, don't be surprised if in another 10 - 12 years, Kylie Jenner changes her lifework. Perhaps even more than once in the next twenty-five years. Kylie has an Ultimate Goal 7 which suggests in the future, she could tend towards starting a company that has to do with medical research, law, the production of films, psychics, occult, metaphysical teachings, crystal healing, Tai-chi, Yoga, Feng Sui, homeopathic remedies/medicine, Reiki, or Chakra Healers.


Remember Kylie's Numerology Blueprint is studded with so, she thinks on a large scale and will always be concerned with or engaged in commerce. Given that 8 and 9 are on equal footing in Kylie's Blueprint, it is quite okay for Kylie to champion on behalf of the public and also profit while doing so.  She shouldn't feel guilt or shame in doing so! 9 can and will frequently cause Kylie to feel guilt, and shame about being concerned with material values rather than a spiritual existence.

 "Two heavily-indebted beauty firms have bet on Kylie Jenner to boost sales as locked-down consumers invest less in lipstick and more in their complexions."

9 in abundance can typically be a less than ideal business influence. Therein lie the potential conflict in Kylie Jenner's lifetime.

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