Lifetime Of Job Changes 

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We are each different and those key differences are attributable to your birth name and birthdate. That's why the more you know about yourself, the more reposeful you are with your incredible journey in this lifetime.

You may have been born into a family of people with career stability, able to hold on to the same job for a long time. But not you, your career life frequently changes. There's nothing wrong with you, it's your divine path in life in this lifetime.  A divine path of Change in which conditions suddenly change to encourage flexibility, letting go, and freedom from social anxiety when meeting new people. Your divine path of Change is teaching you to be unafraid to do things with uncertain outcomes or without prior preparation or thought.


  • Changing jobs to earn more needed money

  • Company restructuring

  • A more satisfactory position in another company or department

  • Venturing out to start your own business

  • Enduring a personal health problem

  • Department-wide or company-wide layoffs


If any of these situations have happened to you at frequent intervals, in all likelihood, you are a 5 Born, born on the 5, 14, 23 of any month, a Life Number 5 or in a Life Cycleor Pinnacle 5

The sign of things to come with 5 is Change. Many times the reason you change jobs is beyond your control whereas other times, the change is a personal decision. Whatever the specific circumstances, if you have a Major 5 in your Blueprint, be eagerly prepared to change jobs more frequently.


5 is not a vibration that hunkers down in one organization or position for years on end.

Come what may, 5 is a risk-taker, a fortune hunter. In most cases, you can reasonably expect to invest nine years or less in every job. If you are self-employed, you can expect something about your business, clientele, a business partnership to invariably change about every five years.


Any chosen profession in which you are consistently enduring new circumstances, traveling around, and cultural diversity. 


Entrepreneurial careers are best suited for 5. Careers like contractors, counselors, teachers, psychologists, lawyers, politicians, salespeople, real estate agents, freelancers, truck drivers, jobs that transport people, etc. A chosen profession as a singer, actor, presenter, dancer, musician, magician, comedian, etc.


5 insist upon changing things up whether you do so of your own accord or insisted on because of varying circumstances.


This is why it is more crucial for folks with 5 in their Blueprint than it is for any other number, to stay up to date on trends in their industry, as well as maintaining an outstanding skill, practical knowledge, or experience in their field. As often as not, from ages 18-32, you will most likely have several various jobs or positions; however, the number of job changes typically declines with age and maturity. What's more, Pinnacle 1 and Pinnacle 11 can also cause life to be just as changeable as 5.

In your lifetime, in many typical instances, you can look forward to surprising transformations, advancements, potential profits, prestigious awards, a necessary change of house or business premises in May (Calendar Month 5), June (Calendar Month 6), Personal Year 5, Personal Yer 6, Universal Month 5, Universal Month 6, Universal Year 5 and Universal Year 6. It's NEVER ALL; keep in mind, in the 2021 Universal Year 5, there can be a sudden difficulty, change of residence or tangled situation that by March 2022 progressively improves some area of your life.