Lucky Number



Everyone is blessed with good luck! Although admittedly, folks born on the 23rd of any month are considered to be born under a lucky star. In numerology 23 is considered the 'Royal Star of the Lion,' one of the luckiest and most powerful numbers in numerology.


But despite that, the calendar day you were born is the number that gives you the best chance for progress and profit.

To put it another way, if you are born on the 8th,17th, 26th of any month, you are an 8 Born which means your birthday number 8 brings you favorable opportunities.


Differently from what many other numerologists teach, I have established the fact that your birthday number is most potent during the Productive Years. To be specific, for everyone, your birthday number is very potent from roughly age 28 to the age of 54.


If you are born on the 8th,17th, 26th of any month, during this very distinct period in life, your Productive Years, you suddenly have an uncontainable desire to implement your ideas and achieve your material goals. Delightfully, birthday number 8 promises the opportunity for recognition, wealth, honors and material comforts. This can be achieved more readily during the Productive Years.


For the most part, people born on the 8th, 17th, 26th of any month achieve the most success from ages 26 to the age of 53. The other side of the coin for people born on the 8th,17th, 26th of any month, from ages 28 to the age of 54, karma and expenses steadily increase.


Use your birthday number to gain an advantageous position in life.


That is to say, if you are born on the 8th,17th, 26th of any month, the years, months, days that add up to or reduce to 8 provide you a good possibility of success. Additionally, when your Number Transit draws a parallel to your birthday number, this is the time to give it all you've got because the energies, 8 have a greater impact or influence.


Throughout your life, you will also need the support of your friends.


For 8 Borns, your friends, your helping hands are numbers 5 and 6. In the same way as your birthday number, use your friendly numbers as bargaining chips.


That said, you also have enemies that oppose your plans, and usually in a harmful manner.


9 is troublesome and will not provide an inch of support to help in satisfactorily accomplishing your material goals. In all important respects, avoid important contracts and ambitious goals in years, months and days that add up to or reduce to 9. If at all possible, avoid business contracts with or marrying people born on the 9, 18, 27 of any month. With the understanding that 9 is troublesome, contracts, plans and people with this number require a more concentrated effort to keep things moving forward and harmonious.