Mastering Your Name

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There is a powerful mystical force that shapes your life through your birth name. Combined with the planes of expression graphic, your Birth Name reveals the type of work that best suits you. 



Mastering Your Name

A graphic that includes important facts about your name.
Prerequisite: Birth Name (First, Middle, Last) and Birthday

The intended goal of is to assist you in excavating the core pieces of evidence about you to increase your odds of career satisfaction. With the right insight, you can determine the best profession for your interests, skills, work-family balance, and personality type. In many instances, numerology is oversimplified. It is easier to look at just a single number, the Life Number for career choices but, this method of self-discovery is not entirely accurate. The path to your professional truth is not clear-cut; there are several things you must consider.

  • First and foremost, an evaluation of your Life Number will help you achieve your career goals successfully. Your Life Number reveals the talents you came to earth with, your basic attributes, and the best professional path in life

  • Next in order is your Pythagorean Expression, how you express yourself to the world and what your life's work should culminate in

  • When you get right down to it, you must also know your temperament. Your temperament is key in determining the right career choice for you

  • On top of everything, your Month + Day of Birth reveals what is it you yearn to achieve, your lifelong mission 

  • Then there's your Pinnacles, the areas in life that will not only demand your utmost attention but cause instability in your work-family balance

Take for example mastering the name SUSAN


The name "SUSAN" has three letters that are equivalent to Number 1. Number 1 prophecies unplanned changes. In consequence, the name "SUSAN" surmises that recurrently every eleven years, three years of life are unpredictable.  Transit Letters S and A imply that events are unforeseeable and therefore, unplanned and perhaps difficult to manage. 


What's more, Letter N surmises that for five active years of the eleven-year cycle, variety and change are of vital importance.


Based on the cycles in SUSAN's name, it can be established that her chosen work should allow flexible working hours, allow her to schedule and execute multiple tasks simultaneously, allow her to write, use her creatives talents and draw on her academic achievements.


If Susan decides the path to her professional truth is as a business owner, many negotiated contracts are short-term. Moreover, Susan will likely be required to do much short-distance travel, now and then, long-distance travel and also periodically engage in business competition with others.


The energies of each letter of your birth name will always play themselves out somehow and somewhere in your life.

Your birth name can stand in the way of your happiness; that's why it is essential to choose a career that soaks up the energies exemplified in your birth name. Additionally, it is important to know when to diligently prepare beforehand to take leaps and bounds on the path to your professional truth.

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