May 2021: A Push Forward

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Universal Year 5 is always vitally important. 5 denotes the middle of history. When we look back in 2026, we will realize how things have changed.

Around the last week of March, you may have noticed your interests subtly changing. For good or bad, beginning in May, people are enticed by strange, unconventional, and progressive things. You will notice more extremist views, increased networking, and social media activities. Social media sites will change, what was once popular may suddenly be abandoned in the upcoming months. Remember the interest of 5 is varied; it craves excitement and gets easily bored by the same old thing. Moreover, we have arrived at the point where it boils down to talents; sadly many have the motivation but not the talent. Hence, new people come into fame, power, and authority! As the 2020s take hold, the group energy (2) will become more powerful too.

As the 2020s take hold, the group energy (2) will become more powerful too.


People are more optimistic than they have been since September 2019. 


Remember, in 2021, love relationships start quickly, and are intense but rarely long-lasting. What's more, infidelity is rampant in 2021 and 2022. 


Necessary changes are imminent, changes that free humanity from the historic past! Sad to say, the numbers suggest it's likely not until October 2021 that people feel unrestrained by the pandemic conditions. Christmas 2021 is profitable for online retailers, however, the increased shipping demand can overwhelm UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Travel in all modes (i.e. bus, plane, train, car) pick up in May, in particular interstate travels.


From May to October, there is an uptick in business for Uber drivers and car rentals. 


Forewarning from May 31 and throughout June, the chances for airline accidents and delays increase. If possible travel on the ground. June is NOT an ideal month for air travel. Reasonably expect extensive delays and electrical storms that can cause cancellations. Most certainly aviation accidents, tragic incidents, and potential travel restrictions. All around, June is an extremely unpredictable month - something is coming out of the blue! On the optimistic side, we could hear of an extremely massive proposal/contract agreement in June.


You WILL have freedom once again, that's what Universal Year 5 promises.


For the past twelve months, many issues have had relevance to bodily health and people ages 55 and over. Beginning in May 2021, mental health and people ages 12 to 30 are in the media spotlight - good and bad. The Universal Year 5 produces suddenness, impatience, and vitality! Worldwide, everyone must be adequately prepared for unusual events, particularly weather events, protests, accidents, and other events that seem to occur without warning or preparation.

Health naturally improves in a Universal Year 5. Even as the focus moves away from the coronavirus and its variants; the coronavirus is with us for a few more years. The world continues experiencing waves of the coronavirus, but not as deadly and pervasive as in 2020. Thankfully in 2021, more scientific research is being conducted. It also seems that chronic illnesses as a result of the parent coronavirus could be the driving force for universal healthcare in America. Because of the pandemic, America could be required to have new minimum standards and regulations to ensure health coverage for all citizens. 


Don't lose sight of the fact that whatever has come about since 2016 will take a full cycle to draw to a close. That said, the economic chain reaction of the global pandemic is not apparent for many more years. 


There is a lot hidden deep that has yet to be exposed, and a lot of corrupt people and situations that continue to be obscured by darkness. Things "old" and secreted are being uprooted to allow for the future world to take shape. In the fullness of time, the 21st century, the first century of the 3rd millennium is destined to make life easier and more equitable for everyone. Those of you, that thought the 1960s brought cultural and political change, just wait! Far out was an expression used by hippies in the 60s, in the 2020s, people are bold enough to buck the rules, they are willing to go out there in the 2020s. 


These are exciting times that we have the opportunity to live in!


Contrary to what's being said, it hasn't been a tough four years, it's been an uncomfortable ride since 1999. In fact, times have seemed more challenging since 2016. This is because humanity is being forced to look at who we are on the inside and stop associating ourselves with our bruised ego, and preconceived biases, especially ones that are not based on reason. We can no longer be more concerned with material things than our core values (personal integrity, brotherly kindness). We now have to personally be accountable for the personal choices we make.


These modern times require the unification of pairs of opposites, a proper balance of both energies - masculine and feminine. And so, most people will struggle to bring the long-established commanding and masculine 1, energy into proper balance. Remember feminine energy is unsubmissive nor is it weak. It is merely that in this new era, you don't need to be iron-handed, self-absorbed, set in their ways, and indifferent. 


Severe weather events and natural disasters will inevitably help humanity realize their local community, family, faithful friends, and nonprofit organizations can be relied on for emotional support and help with rebuilding. Our immersion should be in community, family, friends, and nonprofit organizations. Knowing the terrain gives you more ability to survive economically and prep for what is to come.


The number 2 will not take hold overnight, it takes time! So, don't be shocked if you see more of the negative and destructive traits of 2 than positive traits. Intolerance, money-grabbing, and the lack of concern for others' feelings, self-interest continue and confrontation or competition between countries and groups, fiercely continue. As the 2020s take hold, the group energy (2) will become more powerful. 


2 represents 'Gathering In'. It birthed the word "tribe" a code of behavior that will continue to take hold in the 2020s. Humanity has arrived at a time when "man's interconnectedness overrules the dictum of his individuality."


2021 is indeed a change year, but most won’t get the drift of the Change until November 2021 to April 2022. A new dawn is indeed rising, and it is not in a grand manner expected. It is increasingly evident in 2021 that globally many more businesses will eventually go away. NOBODY is safe! Stay abreast during these changing times.

For good or bad, beginning in May, people are enticed by strange, unconventional, and progressive things. You will notice more extremists, and more networking and social media activities ( 5). People feel more youthful, assertive, and equally drawn to people that come across as youthful, quirky, and exciting, no matter the age.  Negative addictions become more apparent in May. People also attend more social functions and local nightclubs, therefore, overindulge in alcohol and drugs in 2021. 

The federal moratorium on eviction for non-payment of rent expires June 30, 2021. We start to experience the energies of 2022 Universal Year 6 in late August 2021; for this reason, expect to see and hear of a large number of evictions, homelessness, foreclosures. Of the countless things, 6 traditionally represents is housing, family.

All and all, May is a very promising month that will evoke a renewed sense of youthful optimism. May IS absolutely a month to take risks! By the week of May 24, most people feel more enthusiastic yet, restless. Anything and anyone that has become dull, oppressive and routine is kicked to the curb. Most people get engaged with two possible things at a time. 


May - October 2021 brings a marked increase in house fires, and vehicular, boating and motorcycle accidents. Moreover, walking, jogging, biking and steps can be disastrous. This is basically due to people being easily distracted, inattentive or intoxicated. Plus, people are more youthful acting, experimental and overconfident; especially those in a Personal Year 1, Personal Year 3, Personal Year 8. 


In a Universal Year 5, gains won't be through something you expect, It’s always through something you would have never thought possible or anticipated.  


Big profits are seen in information technology, the mobile internet, computers, electronic media, radio, television, advertising, engineering, sales and marketing, and any field that requires the gift of speech. Publishers can also make record profits.


What you say matters - think before you speak! Folks that can communicate their thoughts (verbally or written) will notice more gains in the next five months, gans that require less work. Similar to 2019, your social network is of enormous benefit this year. It is through interactions with others that you gain and grow. From May 2021 to February 2022; particularly for people in 5, 6, or 8 cycles, expect career growth, a sudden growth in finances and social standing for many people. You will come into contact with people that can support you businesswise. your "normal" routine will get interrupted this year. Artistic Concord must be careful of making emotional decisions in the next few months. Either postpone making a major decision or run the decision by someone well respected beforehand. Technology in the forefront, innovations boom!


Those of you in a Personal Year 1, Personal Year 5, Personal Year 8; May 2021 can be life-altering. 


Personal Year 8 frequently gives a one-sided approach to life, yet remarkable progress based on hard work. Pay heed, the Personal Year 8 typically produces hefty expenses because people tend to spend more than they should. That said, in a Personal Year 8, if you have financial difficulties in May, this is not a favorable sign. This could suggest that sometime in August onward you could need financial support from family and friends or go belly up.


On top of that, there is a potential for those of you born in January, April, August, or October to struggle throughout the next five years and so, the decisions you make in 2021 are crucial! As luck would have it, May and June of Universal Year 1 or Universal Year 5 are usually delightful months for 5 Borns, folks born on the 5, 14, or 23 of any month.