Nichole Lynel 


Always a dreamer! Fashion designer Nichole Lynel worked as a model and actress before moving into fashion design and entrepreneurship. 

Nichole Lynel is the founder of NL THE LABEL, a super stylish brand that is best known for recontextualizing denim.  


"Lynel recalls being programmed to receive a good education, get a “good” corporate job, invest in a 401k and retire. Early on, she knew that wouldn’t be her fate." 


1 Born, with a determined will to win  — in 2014, Lynel co-founded her first million-dollar venture: an online-based boutique. After a period of time, following her intuition, she split with her former partner and decided to branch out on her own. After being asked to debut at a well-known Los Angeles fashion show, in under two weeks, Lynel launched Shop Nichole Lynel. The collection proved to be a hit and the brand immediately took off. 

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Life Number 11. Many of Lynel's valuable life lessons are learned through collaborative partnerships. Lynel recently entered into a collaborative effort with another businesswoman to design great shoes for women from all walks of life.

Born June 1, 1984. Life Number 11 and 1 Born.


Through numerology, we can ascertain that in 2014 Nicole Lynel was in a First Pinnacle 7 and Personal Year 5. What's more, she endured a seven-year Transit Letter Y; by 2017, she was able to turn things around. As of 2019, Lynel is in a Second Pinnacle 23/5. A fantastic entrepreneurial cycle; an opportunity for self-empowerment will present itself. However, Lynel must be extra careful about having unrealistic expectations. Remember, it is crucial to give a number the ample scope for creative freedom to carry out what it does best! Advertising, sales, fashion stylist, fashion design, and clothing companies are under the rulership of 5.


Lynel says her life changed when she stopped listening to everyone else.

In 2028, Nichole Lynel begins a Third Pinnacle 30/3. There are much easier times ahead and an important event regarding her work that will materialize.  Lynel's years of hard work will pay off bountifully!

"Making yourself marketable right now is all about being authentic. People fall in love with brands because they fall in love with a story." — Nichole Lynel

Generally speaking, if you are considering starting your own business, Transit 23, Life Cycle 23 and Pinnacle 23 are very good times to mobilize. These are productive periods wherein you are very likely to have favorable outcomes.  

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