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Numerology 8

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 There's no middle ground with 8  –  you win or you lose. 

8 has great earning potential yet, horrible at maintaining its wealth. 


Often this is because 8 lives larger than life so, in its lifetime it will win the battle but lose the war.  In all probability, if you have a Letter H, Q, Z in your birth name, Pinnacle 8, Life Cycle 8, Life Number 8 or 8 Born (born on the 8, 17, 26 of any month), there is a higher-than-average chance that you will experience bankruptcy, owe large amounts of money or have a history of unpaid bills and debts. 


Letters H, Q, Z in your birth name, Pinnacle 8, Life Cycle 8, Life Number 8  or 8 Born promises that at some point in life, you will earn substantially more money, own real estate, and/or investments. Even so, a higher-than-average percentage of people will reasonably achieve a superior level or rank in a business organization, or society. On the other hand, because of poor money management and a lack of necessary restraint in spending money, an inordinate number of people will live paycheck to paycheck or be homeless.


June 2023 through to 2026 is a significant period for 8, big lessons will be learned!


As is usually the case, when 8 is activated in the Blueprint, you become more self-confident, goal-oriented and focused. These are the characteristics that boost the potential to be recognized, successful, and prosperous. As a rule, when 8 is activated, personal expenses are higher which ordinarily facilitates the urgent need to work hard and be more focused.


8 is indeed symbolic of money, recognition and power; however, 8 is karmic. This means as easily as it creates, it ruthlessly destroys.

Most of the time due to overspending, living above your means, poor judgment, and financial mismanagement, you rack up excessive debt. Therefore, by the time the Pinnacle 8, Transit 8, Letter H, Q, Z, or Life Cycle has completed, you are seldom rolling in money. The same is true for Life Number 8, you are seldom wealthy for a lengthy period of time.


Financial trouble can strike suddenly! Unless 8 is followed by another Cycle that can prolong your personal wealth or you are able to properly manage your personal finances and keep down excessive expenses; the lifestyle is over with. Depending on your individual character, you may resort to dishonest means to stay afloat or socially advantaged.

There is a very small amount of people that successfully navigate an 8 Cycle and maintain their status.


For sure, no matter how it appears outwardly, most of the time people with Letters H, Q, Z in their birth name, Pinnacle 8, Life Cycle 8, Life Number 8  or 8 Born will struggle desperately to have enough money to fund monthly personal and business expenses.


When all is said and done, 8 divinely prophecies the chance to modestly or tremendously improve one's living conditions and delight in a mighty surge in one's public reputation.


All the same, because of the karmic nature of 8, it behooves you to recognize where you are in the grand scheme of things. Also, because of the relentless demands and the karmic nature of 8, it is a difficult number for individuals in a Final Pinnacle 8 and/or Harvest Year 8. This is especially true if you are in the winter of life and lacking in maturity, accountability, the fixity of purpose, morality and commitment. And, this is especially true if you are unable to better manage your money and resources by understanding your expenses and income. Word of warning, if you are still making "ego" decisions, 8 during the end of life years can be punishing.

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Numerology Number 8: Living High Off The Hog