NUMEROLOGY Challenge 4

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Challenges are not necessarily harmful traits; however, a Challenge is a warning that you lack the self-control and balance of mind to stay ahead of the game. 

Challenge 4 indicates an obsession with work and perfecting a talent. You are perhaps overly concerned with perfection. In all probability, you are very responsible, methodical and hard-working, but make things more difficult than necessary. You must be careful not to let an overly serious attitude and stress affect your physical health. Often you secretly undervalue yourself, and perhaps even abandon an undertaking because you think you cannot meet society’s expectations. Work on improving your self-confidence and judgment, and then carry out your dreams. In time, whatever you take on, whatever you work hard at is rewarded. BUT, it takes time!


For most people with a Challenge 4, there is a relentless pursuit to have pleasing and satisfying employment. A handful of people will struggle with laziness and are low functioning when it comes to repetitive tasks.

Challenge 4 is one of the more difficult challenges. Reaching your goals isn't easy!  You can’t jump ship! You have to do something day in, day out, persistently until you get the desired results. Challenge 4 does not allow quick growth, often there are delays, disappointments and the feeling of being paid less than what one’s work really deserves or disappointed by a lack of acknowledgment by others. This Challenge causes periods of dissatisfaction, and pressure. Quite often there is frustration with your job, and so work may feel like drudgery. Also, common with this Challenge, you are afraid to change jobs, or have difficulties changing jobs, therefore, feel stuck doing something you hate.

There isn't quick growth and there are no shortcuts. You have to do the hard work and put in the time. Even if it's something you don't want to do, do it anyway.

Challenge 4 teaches routine and learning to apply yourself, being well-organized, a questioner, pragmatical, budget-conscious, clean-living, law-abiding, ultra-careful, patient and family-centered. Work and family are often perceived to be restrictive, and sometimes dissatisfying. For sure, like any period, periodically you feel BOXED IN. This is because you have to do something you keenly dislike or something that takes a long time to pay off; therefore, you find yourself in a hapless situation that is restrictive, boring and generally dissatisfying. Because of either being underpaid, unappreciated or shouldering too many responsibilities, there is often excessive stress or feelings of inadequacy.


You must determine efficient ways to work and be more organized.


With this Challenge, there is a risk of becoming too rigid and as a consequence, you do not leave room for thinking outside the box and happy coincidences. Eventually, you learn to lighten up a bit and enjoy life. Challenge 4 forces you to develop positive habits that will support you in the future. Whatever the case, this challenge requires you to put effort and time into everything you do. With hard work and dedication, you can begin to manifest your dreams. You may very well be a workaholic during this challenge. With that being said, you must strive to be a very hard worker, even if there are delays in receiving recognition and gains. You must be careful not to let an overly serious attitude affect their physical health.


You will deal with hard and tough working conditions and feel a certain level of pressure in the areas of work, and daily functions.  Your challenge during this period requires you to overcome frequent obstacles in achieving success in your career.

For the duration of your Challenge 4, you will not be able to wriggle out of day-to-day obligations or avoid stumbling blocks and doing the hard work. It takes many years to see the results that you appreciate. On the grounds of that, the reward you get handed down is the ethics of hard work. You are learning to have a more structured and productive use of your time. When this Challenge completes, you will likely have learned to be more productive, and considerably more focused.