NUMEROLOGY Challenge 5

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 Challenge 5: Hazards of Restlessness


People born in specific months, days, and years experience restless lives; therefore, unable to either physically or mentally rest. Compulsive energy, boredom, insomnia, rebelliousness, jumping from one thing to the next, inability to settle down or focus, considerable agitation, and incessant impulses are the recognizable patterns of Challenge 5

With Challenge 5, there is immense energy coursing through the body. This inevitably increases the chances for terrible accidents and/or potential injuries. Nervous restlessness may also be triggered by compulsive thoughts or riveting thoughts of desperately needing to adjust something about life. But, for all that, the exact cause of the emotional anguish or boredom is usually difficult to accurately identify.


Challenges are not necessarily harmful traits; however, a Challenge is a warning that you lack the self-control and balance of mind to stay ahead of the game. 

For Life Number 5 the Challenge 5 is hyped up. Challenge 5 is also dynamic during Personal Year 5, Universal Year 5 (2021), Pinnacle 5, Life Cycles 5, and Transits 5, 14, 23.


It is important to get enough exercise, sleep, and good nutrition because the apparent lack can typically cause restlessness. It is also important to live life ethically so that destructive behaviors do not cause a more serious downward spiral. As often as not with a Challenge 5, there is a mighty surge of adrenalin that frequently makes it difficult to sit still, relax or sleep soundly. In consequence, there is often fatigue, agitation, trouble concentrating, or a feeling as though the mind is experiencing total forgetfulness. In extreme cases, there is trouble concentrating or functioning properly at work and/or school which detracts from one's overall wellbeing.


Irrational compulsions, living extravagantly, having a wild time, thrill-seeking, can't sit still or calm down, extremes, elevated levels of agitation, apparent aimlessness, uncharacteristic emotional or physical outbursts.


Addiction is typically an unfortunate trickle-down effect for many with a Challenge 5. This can mean the use of substances like alcohol, inhalants, vaping, cannabis, opioids, cocaine, and nicotine, or unbecoming behaviors like gambling, stealing, pyromania, sex, pornography, food, shopping, surfing the Internet, a video game addiction.


Expect several people to eventually suffer financial ruin in 2021, Universal Year 5. Number 5 is inherently one of the most negligent financial vibrations. Challenge 5 burns through considerable money quickly and carelessly. Plus, active addictions can severely deplete one's personal finances. Challenge 5 should be extra careful whenever Letters E, N, W, or Transit 14 are activated or when 5 bumps up against 3 Cycles. Because of negligence, Challenge 5 oftentimes contributes to an elevated chance for financial hardship, ruin, and also the potential for personal bankruptcy. 


Typically there is a desperate need for considerable freedom. Naturally, depending on the other numbers in the Blueprint, undisciplined actions, noncompliance, or lacking motivation can recklessly cause one to be a rolling stone. Dementedly going from one odd job to another odd job.


With Challenge 5, the desire to experience a "high" can become so strong that there is a loss of control to seek the activity, despite the negative consequences. Additionally, anxiety can be the cause of unsubstantiated fears. The key is recognizing periods of restlessness and/or anxiety and learning to manage them. One of the most manageable ways to instantly relieve buildup adrenaline is to burn it off by doing something physical like walking, jogging, exercising.


Challenge 5 

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