Katrina Lake  


Katrina Lake initially wanted to become a doctor before she became an entrepreneur. She began on the pre-med course but became very interested in economics and business. She holds a bachelor's degree from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Katrina Lake is the Founder and CEO of Stitch Fix, a fashion-based subscription service. Stitch Fix was established in 2011 and went public in 2017 making Lake, the youngest and only woman in tech to have a publicly-traded technology company. In 2017, Forbes named Lake one of America's richest self-made women.


Purportedly, Stitch Fix started to become profitable in 2014 and by 2017, had $730 million in sales.

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Born December 24, 1982. Life Number 11 and 6 Born.


Through numerology, we can see Katrina Lake has a conflict of interest. While her soul's urge, her heart's desire is money-orientated, Lake's mission in life is helping people, promoting human welfare in creative and nonconventional ways. What's more, life in a Formative Cycle 12/3 overlaying a First Pinnacle 36/9 can make a person an impractical dreamer. A lot of times the person will go off on a wild goose chase on projects with no hope of having a monetary value. Moreover, 9 can and will often cause a person to feel guilt, and shame about being concerned with material values rather than a spiritual existence.

Life Number 11, First Name 11, First Name Vowel 11 and Last Name 11, in all likelihood, Lake trusts her intuition, gut feelings about most situations and Master 11 also gives foresightedness.

Stitch Fix is a personal styling service that charges a one-time styling fee to send individually picked clothing and accessories items to customers. Customers fill out a survey online about their style preferences and then a.stylist at the company picks five items to send to the customer. Stylists pick items based on a customer's survey answers and any access the customer gives them to their social media outlets such as Pinterest. The customer schedules a date to receive their items, which is referred to as a "fix". Once the shipment is received, the customer has three days to return some or all of the items. 

Stitch Fix is much like coming to the aid of a "friend in need" of styling help.


Don't lose sight of the fact that the letter transits also have much to do with your ultimate success. From 2016 — 2018, three years, Katrina Lake was under the influence of letter L. By design, from 2017  — 2034, Lake is in Second and Third Pinnacle 8, cycles that ordinarily have to do with big business and money matters. In addition to this, for eighteen-years her digit of consequence is triggered, providing her a helping hand and the gentle push she needs to realistically achieve her big business goals.

Ideally, when your heart's desire conflicts with your mission for this lifetime, you want to figure out how to satisfy both. Perhaps not an easy undertaking but certainly necessary and possible! 

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