Numerology Letter D

If you are charged with an offense or called into a court of law, the chance of paying fees, indictment, or incarceration is increased during a Letter D Cycle. Make sure you don’t overlook, or omit any facts on contracts/agreements. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Attorneys, Local Government, or Human Resources may pry into your personal business or professional business license or taxes. During a Letter D Cycle the possibility of bankruptcy, legal problems, financial problems, scrutiny as part of the larger federal investigation, or fatherhood increases.

Numerology Letters D, M, and V are equivalent to the single digit 4.

Letter M is equivalent to Compound Number 13. Letter V is equivalent to Compound Number 22. Letter D is PHYSICAL; it is equivalent to the stringent Number 4, the law of justice without mercy, tolerance, or sympathy.

The letters in your name are clues of lessons and experiences to be had by you. When Letter D is activated, you work long and hard to expand out, but merely arrive back where you started. It is very important to watch your finances and anticipate difficult times during this Cycle. Family, in-laws, property matters, tax bills, health, and legal matters generally require attention. It is also necessary to see to your health, oftentimes sickness is a result of stress or caged emotions.


As often as not, you will have an encounter with the law. The encounters with law enforcement could be a consensual encounter, an investigatory stop, or an arrest. A divorce, marriage, a civil suit is also conceivable.

Unlike other Cycles, changes occur a year before the Letter D Cycle. Typically, fraudulent activities are already known before the Letter D is activated. Generally, the curtain falls at the arrival of the first year of the Letter D Cycle. For this reason, be aware of when the Letter D Cycle begins. It is very important to keep a healthy balance in all family, legal, health, and business matters during this four year period. Ensure all legal matters and details are not overlooked, and bylaws obeyed, make sensible changes. For example, the name DAVID, the years 18 to 26, 40 to 48, 62 to 69 are cautionary periods.


When Letter D is activated, there is always a period of renewed awareness.  This is a period of Increased potential for delays, disagreements, and strained relationships. 

It behooves individuals with a Letter D in their name to abide by the laws of the nation, especially a year before the influence of Letter D and during the four-year cycle. For young people in their Formative Cycle, Letter D can suggest a stay in a detention center. For criminals, drunk drivers, drug dealers, child molesters, and fraudulent/dishonest people, and people participating in rip-off scams, shady deals, if you have an active Letter D, particularly in a 4 Cycle, your chances of going to jail increase twofold.


Whenever Letter D is active and you are in arrears on taxes, beware.


In the general run of things, Cornerstone Letter D is almost always a hard worker, restless, workaholic, efficient, yearns for appreciation and recognition, honest, loyal, frugal, quick-tempered, stern, hypercritical yet supportive. People with a Cornerstone Letter D  take their work seriously and will work diligently to get the job done. People whose name starts with  Letter D have an abundance of nervous energy. Individuals with a Cornerstone Letter D must be careful of being too temperamental, overly critical, and set in your ways. A fixed attitude could cause difficulties in your marriage and/or with loved ones. 

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