Numerology Letter H


Harry, Hank, Henry, Heather, Helen have this mental letter as the Cornerstone of their birth name.

Numerology Letters H is equivalent to the single digit 8.


Letter H is mental, self-confident, self-reliant, resourceful, a doer, and highly motivated to make the changes to keep life moving forward. Well paid jobs and financially worthwhile ventures are essential to the happiness of Letter J.


Unlike Letters A and S, Letter J is not typically an eager beaver, but once a decision is made, the person will do whatever it takes to be successful.


Letter J is naturally optimistic; therefore in little or no time, the person can bounce back from hard luck and disappointment.


When Letter J is activated, the person willingly takes on added responsibilities, and because of the good fortune of Letter J, the person always ends up with the trump card; thus, gain an edge in some way or increase their earnings. For example every four years, Taj Farrant will increase his earnings or suddenly acquire some other gain, a leg up in life.


In the general run of things, Cornerstone Letter J is almost always appointed as a leader or asked to temporarily take on a leadership role which usually means a lot more responsibilities. Whether in business, hanging out with friends, in social groups, fraternities, tournaments or in family affairs, most often, the person takes on a leadership role within the group.

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