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Numerology Letter J


John McCain, Jeff Bezos, James Franco, Taj Farrant, Jessica Simpson, Johnny Depp, Julie Chen, Justin Bieber, Josh Groban, Jada Pinkett Smith, Jesse Jackson, Hugh Jackman, Jack Osbourne, Jimmy (James) Fallon, Jasmine Washington, Jay (James) Leno, Kylie Jenner  have this very productive letter in their birth name.

Numerology Letters A, S, and J are equivalent to the single digit 1.


Letter A is equivalent to Number 1, Letter S is equivalent to Compound Number 19 and Letter J is MENTAL, it is equivalent to the Compound Number 10.


Letter J is a headstrong, self-confident, self-reliant, resourceful, a doer, and highly motivated to make the changes to keep life moving forward. Well paid jobs, financially worthwhile ventures are essential to the happiness of Letter J.


Unlike Letters A and S, Letter J is not typically an eager beaver, but once a decision is made, you do whatever it takes to be successful.


Letter J is naturally optimistic; therefore in little or no time, you bounce back from hard luck and disappointment.


When Letter J is activated, you willingly take on added responsibilities, and because of the good fortune of Letter J, you always end up with the trump card; thus, gain an edge in some way or increase your earnings. In other words, every four years, Taj Farrant somehow or other gains an advantage or increases his earnings.


In the general run of things, Cornerstone Letter J is almost always appointed a leader, asked to take on a leadership role or take on additional responsibilities. Whether in business, hanging out with friends, in social groups, fraternities, tournaments or in family affairs, most often, you take on a leadership role.