Numerology Letter M


Numerology Letters D, M, and V are equivalent to the single digit 4.


Letter D is equivalent to Number 4, Letter V equivelent to Compound Number 22 and Letter M equivilant to Compound Karmic Debt Number 13.


Number 13 is often considered an unlucky number when in fact, it is set apart from all the other numbers because of its peculiar ability to change all of its shortcomings into strengths. Letter M is a powerful transit letter; however, the person goes through numerous trials, tests, and pressures. Life is often indicative of the border or square around the Letter M featured above, giving the feeling of being boxed in, limited.


Number 13 reduces to the single digit 4 and so, Letter M is also indicative of hard work that embeds in the person the rules of conduct and the organizational skills need to work ones way out of the square, to rise above life's restrictions.


Many Letter M in a name can indicate self-opinionatedness, petty-mindedness, inflexibleness and when it comes to most matters, much ado about nothing. Mohammed

People with a Cornerstone Letter M have an unusual ability to concentrate, heightened reasoning abilities, are of good character and bighearted. Cornerstone Letter M gives you a controlled emotional nature which makes you appear to others as unsociable and unapproachable. Unknowingly, you have a very controlled behavior. Having everything within your control is essential and often becomes an issue with you. Notice the shape of Letter M, this denotes that at times, you can pointlessly be way too rigid and set in your ways.


If you have a Cornerstone Letter Myou are happiest when you are busy!  You adapt to most situations and if a homemaker, you will easily and willingly manage the routines associated with home, the budget or other matters related to your family. You are a shining example to your colleagues of dedication, compliance, punctuality and consistently because you do what it takes for positive results. 

When activated, Letter M is a four-year period wherein money and free time is often limited so it is important to give serious thought and planning to the future. Transit Letter M requires managing added demands and pressures at work, and with the family. In earnest, there is much instability when it comes to finances and so, you must make adjustments to keep your head above water. Frequently six to twelve months prior to a Transit Letter M, something at home or work changes that cause instability. A change in your plans such as starting a new job, a layoff, purchasing a home, retiring, starting a family, an unanticipated change in the family, an injury or illness.


Whatever occurs, you need to be more efficient and often this necessitates penny-pitching and establishing routines. For four years you feel imprisoned by credit card debt, loan payments, bills, family issues and demanding business or work concerns. Still, others vicariously experience constant ups and downs with regard to their health. Because of the karmic nature of 13, there is unpredictability with Letter M so be careful with business and legal contracts.  Safeguard your health because you can definitely find yourself on a four-year emotional roller-coaster. In spite of the unknown and unexpected, M can be a powerful transit that elevates you to new heights.


Letter M is a physical letter although some people are lazy and undisciplined, most often a Cornerstone Letter M causes you to be a workaholic and a naturally energetic person. 

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