Numerology Letter T


Letters B and T are emotional.  Letter B typically undervalues itself, but Letter T can be a pillar of strength.

Numerology Letters B and T are equivalent to the single digit 2. Numerology Letter K is a Master Letter, equivalent to Compound Number 11, an intuitive and high spiritual vibration.


Letter B is equivalent to Number 2, and Letter T equivalent to Compound Number 20.

For 10 years, from 2020 - 2029, the marked traits of 2 are crucial for everyone. Hence, people with Letters B and T are required to be pillars of the community during these years. Others will seek you out and you will answer each call for help willingly. What's more, from 2020-2029, considerable lessons are learned about prudence, compromise, and cooperation. You will also come to understand the detriment of allowing yourself to become too critical or allowing yourself to be jerked around and stretched beyond your human limits.


Letter T is a good partner, companion, and friend, There is a certain amount of dependence on others and when helped, or being a helping hand, the emotional state of Letter T becomes calm and gentle as opposed to crude and stormy. When at your best, you exhibit the wonderful traits of agreeability, charm, and thoughtfulness. There is a quiet magic connected with all you do. Letter T is one-of-a-kind in that it can be interdependent or have the independence of spirit that makes it the perfect helper, companion, partner. T can also be completely self-sufficient if need be.


If you have a Cornerstone Letter T you are exacting in your expectations of others, like to control everyone and to shape people and situations to your liking. You can be very patient, still, you must learn self-control.  You easily carry out other people's ideas but often lack the bold ambitiousness to carry out your own ideas.  Your nurturing and home-loving qualities are admirable. 


You have much nervous tension and are sometimes prone to self-pity. If not careful, you can suffer nervous breakdowns, clinical depression or illnesses caused by nervous exhaustion.

Names with a Cornerstone T and First Vowel A will give help to others. The strength of the Vowel A gives strongness to your character. If Cornerstone T is followed by a First Vowel E, I O, U or Y, the person will typically depend more on others.

When activated, Letter T is a two-year period pertaining to partnerships and other people.

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