Numerology is equally as capable as astrology at straightforwardly identifying periods in your life wherein it is more advantageous for you to focus on your career,  building wealth, family, or love. Be conscious of the fact that numbers have an ambiguousness, a mysteriousness that isn't easy to predict. That said, enjoy the innocence of getting to know yourself and the intricacies of how your life is designed to play out. Don’t make life more complicated than it already is, learn to live a little, appreciate the ride, and cherish the unrevealed financial and career blessings that seemingly drop into your life.

In actual life, transits are instantly recognizable, that is to say, specific numbers are better for building wealth and career advancement and so, when you examine your Blueprint you should pay close attention to the Number Transits that call attention to a time during which you should be focusing on making money, building a business or advancing your career. This is particularly true if the transit lasts for three years or more.


For instance, generally speaking, a Transit that reduces to 3 is an indicator of an increased potential for fame, popularity, lucky breaks, and affluence. Transit 3 is ideal for making money by doing what you love the most. What's more, it is effortless for your business or talents to get a lot of attention and media hype. On the other side of the coin, this is a short period in which you can be too pleased with where you are at this point in your life thus, likely to be unmotivated, without goals and cringing at the thought of work.

On the other hand, in a Transit that reduces to 4, generally speaking, you will have too many challenges to acquire wealth or make any further career advancements. Transit 4 suggests that you are struggling financially, struggling with your mortgage/rent, struggling with your health, struggling to manage your work responsibilities, struggling with a legal proceeding or perhaps struggling with a career break and so it is challenging to keep your head above water and keep all bases covered, particularly a Transit 13. Whether emotionally, physically, financially, a Transit 4 is an indicator of pressure and restriction. So, most often, you are just too stressed to do what it takes to improve your situation because unsuspecting factors beyond your control keep you shackled.


Oftentimes when your Personal Year & Number Transit marry up, this is a frustrating cycle. A Personal Year and Transit that are the same is a cluster of energy that is classically an adverse influence. The influence is typically undesirable because of a disproportionate amount of a particular energy that gives you little freedom of choice and forcing you to competently achieve the intentions of the specific number. 


It's never all, for instance, if you are in a Personal Year 8 and Transit Number 8, this can suggest that you are suddenly fortunate financially, or businesswise but at the same time, you won't have time for anything, but work and so, other areas of your life could suffer during the year.


Be cautious when your Pinnacle or the Universal Year matches your Personal Year and Number Transit.  To put it concisely, your Personal Year indicates what’s taking place in your external environment, the external forces that require adjustments. Whereas your Letter and Number Transit is your innermost reactions, your mental, emotional, physical, spiritual framework and the dominant quality of mind considered necessary during the year to resolve the issues you face.

In drawing things to a close, there are tons of sites that boast of attracting abundance, attracting success, attracting money and wealth, attracting money instantly. If truth be told, unless your numbers promise to attract money, wealth, success, it won’t come to pass effortlessly. or through simply through coaching. It behooves you to improve your mindset, so you last out the lessons of not having money, wealth or success in exchange for sharpening and growth in another area of your life.

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