Numerology Physical Letters

Wayne, David, Mary, William, Mark, Donald, Wendy, Evelyn

Together, each letter in a name works in partnership to give expression to a persons' personality. Unlike other numerologists, I assign the first consonant letter of the first name as the Cornerstone, the Cornerstone is a quick reference to the person's temperament.


Conjointly the first consonant (Cornerstone), first Vowel (emotional predisposition) and Capstone (the last letter in your first name) reveals how you will predictably think, behave and react to everyday circumstances.


The Letters D, E, M, and W are PHYSICAL LETTERS and so, the person has endurance, is energetic, pushy, methodical, stubborn and prefers facts as opposed to wishful thinking and land of make-believe. Physical letters are generally very active, are hard workers, skillful, handicraftsmen and can work for a period of time that is longer than the usual; due to this, meets deadlines.


A name with many letters D, E, M, and W suggest a person that if ill can pull through and recover while a lack of these letters could suggest delicate health thus, a sickly individual.


Take note of the first and last letters M and Y in the name Mary and the first and last letters M and K in the name Mark, this infers that both people are not only physical but, inner-directed.

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