Prediction 2020: Pulled out by the roots.

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2016-2025 is a ten year 9 Cycle, 2017 started the Directive Cycle 9.

The old is smothered out for the new!


Whenever 9 shows up it is a time of spiritual awakening, a time of inner searching for truths and painful partings. Nothing is stable in a 9 Cycle, a lot of adjustment is necessary and the highest morality and integrity is crucial.


2016-2025 is ten years when individually and collectively you learn to be all-inclusive. Whether a person or country, there is a sacrifice that has to be made for the good of others. This is why many relationships are difficult in a 9 influence and why there will be many more surprising divorces in 2020,  Universal Year 4, a number that co-rules family.

What’s more, 9 is an ending influence, a cycle of losses, for that reason, 9 doesn’t hold relationships, or partnerships together. For the relationship to endure, you must be willing to make countless adjustments to keep the relationship/marriage intact. Moreover, businesses more easily collapse under the influence of 9.

9 is rarely an emotionally rewarding period, people tend to wear their emotions on their sleeves. 9 Cycles more often than not bring about a separations/divorce, conflict, emotionalism, power struggles, and backstabbing; such is the case in this current nine-year Directive Cycle 9.

9 purges, cast out and eliminates what no longer is serviceable or healthy. Uprooting, destroying and often causing distressing separations and traumatic events. You are encouraged to stop presenting to be someone you are not! The Universe will give you the push you need. You will learn that true wealth is measured by how much fulfillment you have in your life, that fact that you like what you do and it makes life worth living. 

No surprise, every numerologist interprets the numbers differently. 

I’ve written that during the 2020s (2020-2029) we will see lots of partnerships, collaborations, alliances, mergers, and takeovers. This is a helpful piece of information I need to remember myself.

For me, what stands out about the year 2020 is double 20. Number 20 represents a moment of truth, a crossroads, turning point. 2020  is the mother of all! My numeric perspective is that 2020 represents a year of reckoning, good or bad, a point of no return, a call to action, our former way of living must change. Humankind can look forward to a somber, unexpected, and perhaps even dangerous situation that requires immediate action. 2020 is a year that everyone will talk about for decades in the future.

What's more, 2 suggests a slowing down, so anticipate a slow-paced year that allows your higher consciousness to begin to feel the burn of human fallibility.

Everything eventually comes to an end, 2020 indicates a loss is imminent so that that a new beginning can get underway. Much self-reflection and self-evaluation will take place in 2020. This is so that individually and collectively we begin to understand where we are now and where and what it is needed to grow beyond where we are. There's also a 40 which suggests being open to new ideas and also warns of setting up a budget and to be cautious in all financial dealings. 40 also beseeches us to be fair as we strive for harmony worldwide, Whatever comes of the year will be positive but something about the past must be let go so that good news can follow.  The double 0 (zero) indicates divine light is over the world, we have God's protection from anything too harsh. My numeric perspective is that a recession is coming, however, the double zero eludes to the fact that it won't be as bad as we think.

2016-2025 is a period of awakening. 2020 starts the period of awakening, and as I have forewarned since 2016, secrets aren't safe! 

I anticipate revelations of white-collar crimes such as money laundering, embezzling, cooking the books (knowingly includes incorrect information on its financial statements), insider trading, and other fraudulent activities.

Be prepared, because the choices you make and the choices we make as a collective will have an astounding effect on life. What you do or don't do will change your course of life and what we collectively do or don't do will change the human condition permanently. This is your chance to awaken spiritually! Are you living your truth? At some point, you have to decide to make better choices, learn to love yourself and be okay with attracting new people, places, and employments that are better suited for your journey.


We continue to hear of many deaths in 2020. In particular, people ages 75 and older and people that are in poor health.


Remember "problems are messages" and mistakes are learning tools. I keep repeating that this is the point in time wherein there is no going back; you must let go of the past, learn the lessons and keep moving forward. Know that whatever you build from 2017-2024, either in yourself or in the outer world, will be lasting.


Astrologers predict Aquarius and Capricorn will likely have a difficult 2020. Astrologers are also predicting that this January 12, 2020, a relatively rare event of "Pluto and Saturn conjunct, is a powerful punch."


Numerically the twin flame numbers 4 and 8 could have the most challenging year. On the other hand, 2, 3 and yes, even 4 can do exceptionally well in 2020.  That is, as long as 4 is not in the company of 8. By design folks that are 8 Born, in a Personal Year 8, Transit 8, 17, 26, Challenge 8, Pinnacle 8 and/or Life Cycle 8 will more than likely suffer some sort of loss to earnings, family, property, employment, health. Business, states, cities, and countries with an 8 signature can suffer setbacks as well. This should make numeric sense to you, 4 is the foundation, the underpinnings and 8 represents the material world (money, banks, business owners, CEO's, commerce, manufacturing, sports, power/influence, government, real estate, etc.) which is being considerably reshaped by its nemesis 9.

Of course, for the United States (4),  or U.S. (4) with the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776, indicates 2019 is a karmic debt year of change and a year in which the strength of the nation is tested. This year, the United States is a gambler, daring and willing to take undue risks. Nevertheless, 14 warns that something is out of balance and could cause stress and anxiety during the year. 14 is also a number of intemperances, self-gratification. Interestingly, on July 6, 2019, a karmic debt 16 Universal Day, multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on federal charges for sex trafficking of minors.  Fast forward to 2020, a year wherein the materialistic side of life is at the foreground and so, radical changes are expected. As well, for the United States, hidden, secreted aspects of the past will be revealed by February 2020. November 2019-February 2020 are event-filled months for the U.S., in particular, December 2019. Moreover, in 2020, the United States must be careful not to allow its ignorance to incite violence, armed intervention or terrorism.


Contrary to what you believe, the next years' energy doesn't magically show up on January 01. The 4 influence is already gradually occurring and by October 2019, it becomes more readily apparent that 4 is on the horizon. For this reason, there are many already struggling with debt and instead of pulling back on spending, many have turned to credit cards as a means of survival. I forewarn you once again, secrets aren't safe! 2020 brings home to roots, honesty, financial management, the law, health matters, and property matters. I suspect a lot of financial troubles are disclosed, properties lost and people already hanging on by a thread might lose a job that devastates them.

Whereas in 2019, people, businesses and government were unscrupulous, hypersensitive, wishy-washy and impractical, in 2020 we’ll see people, businesses and government approach situations skillfully, in good conscience and with both feet on the ground. At the same time as, because of 9, there remains a lot of wishful thinking and self-delusion about what can and can’t be done. 


Mid-September is eventful and for everyone, the potential for hardship/suffering or positive repercussions is experienced from November 2019 - March 2020.


If you have a 4 or 8 in your Blueprint, be prepared to release something or someone, remember these are times of deep inner change and so, changes in 2020 have long-term effects. In March 2020, humankind is questioning much about events of the previous four years and then, universally, April and May are months of great change.


4 typically begets a mild or extreme economic recession and unemployment cycle.


In general, any 4 Cycle whether a personal year, personal month, pinnacle or universal year is intense, it is crucial to guard your health because the effects of stress and frustration can be damaging. For many, your life's work, finances, spending, debts, and personal life will require reorganizing to strengthening your life for years to come.  Be aware in 2020, in consequence of 4 and 9, your integrity WILL BE tested!

Heads up for those of you in a 2019 Personal Year 3, 2019 Personal Year 4, and 2019 Personal Year 7; November 2019 - May 2020 could be action-packed and chaotic months. As it is for everyone, Other numbers and your cycles will alter, change, dilute, enhance, modify or nullify the operating influence so be careful that your actions and mindset do not trigger a numbers negativity instead of the positive side. 


Those of you in a 2019 Personal Year 7 will start to feel your nine-year influence fade. That’s why in 2020, you need to be especially careful of nervous tension and apprehensiveness about your future. Early on during the year, monetary and business-related topics are front and center. Stay in Front of the Energy; make sure you take a look at your imminent Transits and Pinnacle so you know how to prepare. For many, irritations and hindrances with regard to financial matters are approaching.


4 is the salt of the earth, so expect natural disasters caused by nature to increase.


In a Universal Year 4 lives lost, property damages, economic loss are attributable to enormous earthquakes, cyclones, and volcanic activity. On account of 9, worldwide, weather-related disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, mega-storms, wildfires, landslides, and heat and cold waves continue to cause massive losses. Globally and nationally we will hear of an impact to federal, state and local budgets and increasing trauma that requires counseling to heal emotionally as well as physically.

As much as I'd like to be even more optimistic, judging by the numbers for most of 2021 (5)  progress, forward movement is awkward at best. We all know that oftentimes change is not always a smooth or easy process! For sure by 2021, because your finances are in better order, you have fewer problems in life and so, are free to develop certain skills that are valuable to society.

Where Am I

In closing, 2020 is a pivotal year for some. I suppose, if you suffered greatly since 2007, there is a recovery process from 2020 - 2024, a process that entails the elevation of your consciousness and the reworking of your way of life. There was undoubtedly a material loss, (job loss, business failure, foreclosure, bankruptcy) thus, a need to adapt to constant transition as you attempted to regain your footing again. You endured an inner battle, and emotional stresses along the way that over the years, taught you how to detach yourself from your emotions and look at things more objectively; thus,  able to rise above the frailty of being human. The end of those changeful years is drawing to a close! Be ready to show up in the world as someone very different than you was before. By design, the changes you made over the years has transformed you into a teacher or an approving example for others to follow. You are mentally and emotionally prepared to push boundaries, to elevate the social conscience and keenly interested in making the world a better place. It's time to take your place in the world! For you, the next four years (2020-2023) are truly about transformations and the continual restructuring of your life into something better and true to your life’s purpose. You now crave to dispense your knowledge, and your vision of equality and individuality, to all that, will listen. For many years now, your mind has contrived some amazing things and craved to do your part in making the world a better place. You are truly a fearless trailblazer, happy in your skin, and refuse to follow the crowd. In the next four years, you will become more people-oriented with a desire to do something important and meaningful. Until now, you shunned social events, but now, you will enjoy social events and a wider array of acquaintances.


We don't all arrive at our destiny at the same time! 


You, my friend, after thirteen years of putting the shattered pieces of your life back together, and turning over a new inner leaf, you are finally prepared and ready to step into the future. A future, a life's work that is more suited to your divine purpose and not based on the standards of others. Because of this, in the fullness of time, you are liked or admired by the majority of people. That being the case, don't let it go to your head - Again!

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