Ultimate Goal Number

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What's the Ultimate Goal for your life? 

First and foremost, the numbers, letters, and cycles allude to potential, not cast-iron certainty. Everyone will not do what it takes to be given the highest promise of the numbers in their Blueprint. With this in mind, most numerologists refer to this number as your Reality Number, Maturity Number or Power Number; I call it your Ultimate Goal Number Whatever you choose to call it, this number helps you see what all your life and talents are 'ultimately' meant for. To determine your  Ultimate Goal, add together your Life Number (your natural abilities and life lessons) and your Pythagorean Expression (what you are here to do).


All through life, your Ultimate Goal Number is always providing direction, bidding you to do this or that. Are you taking to heart what the Ultimate Goal number is bringing to light about what will bring you inner peace and purpose? Sadly, you are probably like most people in that it is not until the final curtain, the lattermost years of your life before you figure out your life's purpose. Seemingly, it is about age 40/41 that the Ultimate Goal Number is finally realized.


Barack Obama and George W. Bush, Jr. both have an Ultimate Goal 3; however, the number is expressed differently depending on many other factors, most importantly, the Life Cycles and Pinnacles, and so, individuals with the same Ultimate Goal can live their lives in very different ways. 


An Ultimate Goal 3 can suggest that Bush, Jr., and Obama have hidden or undeveloped talents that are bursting at the seams for full expression.


To illustrate, in his lattermost years, Barack Obama will become more withdrawn, introspective, more sharp-witted and more circumspect but he'll also have insomnia which will affect his moods; and also, at times, his inevitable need for secludedness, time alone and depression can hurt his marriage. For the remainder of Obama's life, indicative of a Harvest Cycle 17/8, his acquired knowledge and abilities will continue to promote his success. Suggestive of a Pinnacle 25/7, Obama may perhaps decide on some kind of research, religious, scientific or scholarly undertaking and/or writing books. He may make speeches periodically, pursue creative hobbies (3) or spearhead (1) major initiatives. At the same time, his 3 is thinned down by 7. Also denoted by a Harvest Cycle 17 overlaying a Final Pinnacle 25/7, in all probability Barack Obama will go into semi-retirement, meaning, he won’t completely stop working. Pinnacle 25/7 can also suggest an end-of-life struggle with illness/diseases which could account for semi-retirement. Because he likes to do things in a big way and prefers to lead, he may have a small amount of interest and involvement in organizations and institutions that is his own or that of others. With a Soul Urge 9 and Ultimate Goal 3, he will have is a universal outlook and likely prefer affiliation with nonprofit organizations and institutions.


On the other side of the coin, in his lattermost years, George W Bush, Jr., will become more sensitive about his family, friends, children, community, and nation. Indicative of 6 being strengthened, there is less personal freedom likely owing to more involvement with family affairs, thus requiring more cooperation and better management of his time. Suggestive of 27/9, George W Bush, Jr. will do his best to be helpful and kind to others, to be a big brother to all humankind. During his senior years, there is the potential for him to acquire much money perhaps through inheritance but also monetary success through charitable lines of work. It’s also a time when George W Bush, Jr. deal with losses, deal with his emotions and his spiritual level of consciousness. Because of a Harvest Cycle 20/2 overlaying a Pinnacle 27/9, he is relentlessly tested for his love, cooperation, compassion for others, his forgiving quality, ability to compromise and unselfishness. No surprise, George W Bush, Jr. has taken up painting (3), and some of his works have been put on display at the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas. At the same time, his 3 is thinned down by his Life Number 33/6 and Day of Birth, 6. George W Bush, Jr. will not enjoy all the freedom that Number 3 can give because, he is often weighed down by household tasks, duties, and commitments to his family, marriage, children, inlaws, community, nation; consequently, he may be impatient with others, or with life itself. A Soul Urge 6, being appreciated, loved and helping others is important to Bush, Jr. Because of his Harvest Cycle 20/2, adaptableness, the ability to weigh the pros and cons, and work well with and relate to others is vital to his happiness and success.


Seeing that both George W Bush, Jr, and Barack Obama have an Ultimate Goal 3, they both will find inner peace and purpose through interactions with their many friends and associates, attending social engagements, taking leisure and international trips to relax, and breaking away from their daily routines to indulge their creative and artistic talents.


Because of the emotionalism produced by an Ultimate Goal 3, both men must learn to contain their emotions because there's a tendency to sulk if life isn't going their way. Moreover, gradually over time, both former United States presidents' need for popularity and receiving strong praise will increase.