Ground-Level View: 2020 


If you understand the nature of 4, you understand the need to plan, have a bulldog spirit,  look somewhat on the black side of situations, and the need to gather all the facts.

The Tarot JUDGEMENT card, Number 20 depicts a spiritual awakening. In 2020, there is a greater demand for something to inevitably happen or be done. As depicted by the JUDGEMENT card, 2020 is a year of mass spiritual awakening, a year when a greater number of people have a regeneration of their spirit.

2020, Universal Year 4 in a Directive Cycle 9. Because it takes a lot more research and effort than I typically do, I don't like to say that things are definite but instead, speak in terms of a high probability of specific situations happening. That being said, with great suddenness, in January 2020, a Calendar Month 1 and Universal Month 5, there is an elevated potential for large protests and fluctuating markets. Since mid-year 2019, a lot of people are sensing that something about their life is about to change! 2020 isn't just the start of a brand new year, it's the end of a decade, that will lead us into another new 10-year cycle, the 2020s. The 4 energy has been on the horizon since roughly October 2019, sharing the globe with 3. Meanwhile, 4 is slowly gaining momentum and by roughly March 2020, the Universal Year 4 has the upper hand.


For everyone, 2020 is a physically oppressive year and at times a worrying year. In particular people in a 2020 Personal Year 4, 2020 Personal Year 6, and 2020 Personal Year 8 will find that finances, family, marriage, work, and many other situations are burdensome.  


Universal Year 4 is the most important cycle in the nine-year Directive Cycle. It is during the Universal Year 4 that we lay the foundation for the changes that take hold in the Universal Year 5. A Universal Year 4 is tough but this isn't all bad because wherever there is focused energy there's an improvement or a victory. And so, for many of you, there will be wonderful changes occurring later in the year.

Situations, behaviors, and mindsets from way back will be done away with.

Double 20 means this is a great awakening year for everyone. From my numeric perspective, each year, events in November and December set the tone for the incoming year. 2020 is setting the groundwork for the changes that start in the final quarter of the year and throughout 2021. 2021 will produce the changes that lead to considerable large-scale changes and endeavors in 2022.


In all probability, from April 2020 until roughly September 2020, jobs are much harder to come by. As well, your job will likely require you to work longer hours, do more routine tasks, thus, it is liable to be much more stressful. 


Prepare because, for a couple of years, your daily routines will suddenly and demandingly shift!  Keep in mind, these changes, even if stressful, have a bearing on your future emotional and physical security. In general, depending on your Personal Year, some of you can look for an unexpected big change to come about in January 2020. Remember, change isn't necessarily terrible! January 2020 could be the start of something wonderful; however, the change will require hard work throughout 2020. For now, hard work and determination is the only way for things to securely take root.

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Every Directive Cycle advances the collective consciousness, the masses for the betterment of the majority. That said, on a personal level, events will expand your consciousness. 2017-2025, Directive Cycle 9 aggressively encourages the phenomenal growth of our collective spiritual consciousness, our social consciousness, and our moral principles.


9 rules global affairs, hence, the Second World War, was a global war. Directive Cycle 9 relates to everyone in the world, all of society and so, the global economy rather than the national economy is at risk. 


9 governs world events, large groups of people, losses, social conscience, war and global natural disasters. The aim of 9 is our spiritual development, eliminating the lower self so that the higher self is freed; and so, until 2026, there is a discomforting clash between the higher self and lower self. Moreover, 2020 is yet another year when it is hard for most things to take root and also another year that forewarns of ongoing threatening weather, natural disasters, earthquakes, tornadoes, terrorism, fire, riots, explosions, war, disunity, losses, deaths, undoings, and misfortune.

In a consequence of 9, economic problems in 2020 will stem from overseas rather than in America; nonetheless, troubles trickle down and cause problems and losses worldwide. There is a potential for deadly conflicts, but the double two produces a more willingness to keep the peace.


Moreover, because of Directive Cycle 9, there continues to be a lot of ongoing international affairs. And, to help deal with the effects of a top-heavy, unfair, unequal and unjust world, there are new and amended social programs, and policies instituted during the 2020s. From 2020-2023 real estate, education, manufacturing, banking, and trade are in a crucial state of change.


The last time we experienced a Directive Cycle 9 was 1936-1944.


I routinely include the year before the new Directive Cycle, the Universal Year 9. By the Universal Year 9, the approaching shift is well underway. Go back in history and read about the experiences that began the shift of the collective consciousness between 1927 and 1935. You will learn that there was a ripple effect on the material plane (the great depression) that affected the human spirit, the individual and collective soul in a profound way. This period was also a great enlightenment for those born from 1910-1945.


Now, an entirely different generation of people born from 1946-1994 is being awakened. Again, go back in history and read about the experiences between 2008 and 2016. By 2016, the shift of the collective consciousness was well underway. Bear in mind, with 8 (the material plane), outward results manifest rather quickly. With 9 (the spiritual plane) the changes are not always immediately visible. Every Directive Cycle number has a bearing on where and how fast we'll see the heightening of the collective state of being aware.


9 has the strength to affect large groups of people at once.  That being the case, from 2016 - 2027, there is a chain of events that will herald significant changes in the world.


The beginning or end of a new decade tends to produce instability. The end of the 1920s produced the Wall Street Crash of 1929, the largest stock market crash in American history which lasted most of the 1930s. World War II, a global war that started in 1939, the final year of the 1930s and lasts well into the 1940s. In 2000, the dot-com crash caused turmoil in the financial markets, it lasted from the start of the 2000s decade to 2002. The automotive industry crisis (2008–2010) started at the end of the 2000s into the 2010s.


That said, history typically repeats and so, as we exit and enter another decade, we should prepare for instability.


Many situations have been ongoing since 2016. Because of 9, until 2026, love relationships, marriages continue to be uprooted and require letting go of, or considerable adjustments! And on account of 9, many personal and world events will cause suffering and an emotional rollercoaster. And on account of the 2020 Universal Year 4, economic distress. 

Universal Year 4


4 is concerned with the physical world; it tests what we give structure to. 


Real property, large institutions, accountancy firms, governments, the central banking system, and investment banking, debt obligations, financial services and institutions, hedge funds, mortgage-backed securities, political parties, commercial values, law enforcement, legislation and anything else we give a stamp of approval to.


Regardless of what's being communicated, in a Universal Year 4, employment opportunities are much harder to come by. Anticipate business layoffs or suspension of hiring! Businesses and local governments will wrestle with budget problems, setbacks, figuring out how to acquire or maintain a competitive advantage, corruption, sales growth, business goals, and 'assumptions' instead of facts.  As well, inefficient governments deal with inadequate funding, staffing issues, duplication/overlap, deficits, corruption, slower economic growth, deteriorating infrastructure, public education, poor policies, etc.

For everyone, over the next seven months, there is an area of life that you need to reorganize, to make more efficient.


Turn knowledge into wisdom. The standard issues of 4 have to do with the areas of physical health (yours or a loved one), finances, debts, work schedules, employment, relatives, marriage, housing, legal affairs and/or family. One or more of these areas perhaps need more focused attention. In 2020, the tedious, and exhausting work or the severe suffering, or difficulties will in all likelihood have to do with the areas abovementioned. Remember this is a general 2020 forecast so, everything may or may not resonate with you.


For the world at large, in 2020, there is more focused attention, concern, and difficulties associated with the GDP, economic affairs, dirty money, courts, government policy, party politics, atmospheric conditions, destructive natural catastrophes, healthcare, international travel, and violent attacks.


Universal Year 4 typically results in a global economic downturn, high unemployment, poor job growth, and unstable financial markets. However, because of the double zeros in the year 2020 and the single 4 (2+0+2+0), I don't foresee us having to worry about a repeat of the economic depression that took place in 1930, a Karmic Universal Year 13/4, or the rising unemployment rates and poor job growth in 2011, a Karmic Universal Year 13/4.

An economic slowdown or recession assured in a Universal Year 4. But, judging by the numbers, I feel we will experience an economic slowdown rather than a recession.


We just don't know the source but since we are in a Directive Cycle 9, an economic slowdown or recession can certainly be connected with foreign contacts and businesses, government secreted activities or trade. A loss is looming! Once again, keep in mind, wherever there is focused energy there's an improvement or a victory. For some of you, there are wonderful changes later in the year.


I suspect there are numerous layoffs due to the restructuring of unsustainable and/or collapsed public government systems, subcontracts, contracts, programs, and federal government procurements. I don't anticipate private-sector jobs and contracts to suffer as in 2007-2016, I expect the public sector jobs, subcontracts, programs and other companies that rely on government contacts and assistance to suffer the most unemployment during this Universal Year and Directive Cycle. ​

Debts come due! Debt collectors up their ante. Credit rebuilder programs are in greater demand. Legal affairs flow through the courts more swiftly. Many more dishonest deeds, in particular, those that have to do with money, and corruption are brought to light. To a great degree corruption in federal, state, city and local governments is brought to light. Most likely, a lot of corruption will be linked to foreign countries.

There is an area of your life that will require you to put forth the extra effort to get results.  And so, the truth of the matter is that some mornings you will wake up frustrated with lower stamina than usual. Be that as it may, you have to push 'steadily' through if you want to see positive results. In 2020, nothing flourishes if it's done rapidly or thoughtlessly!


2020 A Landmark Year


Many numerologists and astrologers are seeing 22 in the year, I, on the other hand, see an extreme, and powerful awakening, 20, a critical point in our human development. 


My numeric perspective is that 2022 is the Master year and one of the more intense years of this Directive Cycle. In 2020, worldwide, a couple of sudden events will necessitate huge decisions that will dramatically affect life for the long term. 2020 will bring a considerable turning point. We can look forward to transformation and changes to a past (2) situation and it will cause fear and doubts. Zero infers divine consciousness, protection and also raises the essential qualities of the number it follows. So in 20 | 20, the need for balanced expression of both masculine and feminine traits is raised twofold and the need for harmony is amplified even more.

A huge lesson in 2020 is gaining the cognitive ability to discern the eternal truth from urban myth.

On account of a decade with double 2, there're a couple of things from the past that will probably be brought back or reinstituted. I anticipate some strong local communities will spring up in the next ten years. I think from 2020-2023 we'll see a rapid rise of socialism ideas and strategies and then a pullback (balancing) in early 2026. 2026 - 2034, capitalist economic practices are forefront again in consciousness and people being more accountable for their life. Because of the double 2 and Directive Cycle 9, there is a heightened awareness of the feelings of others. 2 is about balance and getting along with others, we probably won’t see this happen for another three years. Instead, we’ll see the negative and destructive 2 for a couple of years.


Flashing Back

When I reflect on 2008, the previous year with double zeros, we had Black Monday in worldwide stock markets, deadly natural disasters, Dow Jones Industrial Average had its largest single-day point loss, we had the worst declines in US history and Barack Obama was the first African-American elected President of the United States. The difference then and now is the Directive Cycle. I have found the Directive Cycle is a good reference point for what to expect.

Double zero indicates that collectively, we have the strength to overcome challenges and obstacles.

Thirty-six years ago, the United States presidential election of 1984 was held, a Universal Year 22/4. In a Universal Year 4, the 2020 presidential campaigns and elections are very different from any campaigns and elections we've seen in thirty-six years. Like in 1984, in 2020, the role of government and economic conditions are major concerns. More than likely, the presidential frontrunners in 2019 will change places by June 2020; presidential campaigners can no longer present a vision without hard facts to back it up. This year's presidential campaigns and elections are out of the ordinary!


If we go with the USA being founded on July 4, its a 6 year for the USA. This means unlike 2019, in 2020, there is much more focus on domestic issues. Housing, health/healing, food, bacteriology, irrigation, healthcare, education, animals, shipping, farming, commodities, retirement communities, community services, social welfare. If we go with March 4, then 2020 is the 11th year, a year wherein there's a greater focus on establishing alliances and unexpected affairs.


On the strength of the Directive Cycle 9; for many more years, foreign contacts and businesses, philanthropy, travel, governmental activities, healthcare, public services, judges, international merchants, the medical field, natural disasters, and religion are a continual focus.

2016-2025, is a ten-year 'truth' cycle, a spiritual awakening, an awakening in connection with our egomania and our excessive desire for more than what is needed or deserved, especially in terms of money, wealth, and possessions. There is also a huge social and economic awakening tied to this Directive Cycle 9. This is a time when you must have FAITH.

The 2020s


The 2020s are in character with feminine energy; and so, beginning in 2020, favorably or unfavorably, expect women to grab the media spotlight. I suspect for the first couple years of this new decade, people are supersensitive and hot-tempered therefore there’s a lack of stability, unity, and understanding. I think it’ll take until 2022 for humankind to finally approach situations based on sound reasoning and facts.

My numeric perspective is that the dual
20 in 2020 is revealing that 2020 is a year of a mass spiritual awakening, a year when a greater number of people have a regeneration of their spirit. Many more are awakened as a consequence of losing a job, illness, foreclosure, bankruptcy, unmanageable debts, divorce, loss of a loved one, injury/accident, natural disasters.


Gusting winds are disastrous and numerous snowstorms, flooding, and rainstorms are dangerous and deadly.

In 2020 and again in 2024, whatever you are trying to unrealistically hold onto in the materialistic world is called into question. In 2020 there must be a careful and deliberate effort with full awareness of what you are doing. Is the job, the relationship, marriage, the house, worth the effort? Everyone will have to examine their innermost self to understand where your material needs, the need for validation-seeking stems from.

Keep in mind every decade or century isn't the same. Based on the numbers, the 21st Century brings a center of attention to balance, democracy, harmony, alliances rather than sovereignty, supreme power, or the totalitarianism of the previous centuries.

4 is a very conservative number so many conservative ideas from the days of old (2) will be pushed forward; however, 9 favors social democracy, innovativeness, and progress. Unlike 4, 9 has a willingness to undertake new or risky projects! Therein lies the troubles in 2020. There will be conflict as we collectively try to create a balance between opposing views. 


It is crucial if you are starting anything new, a job, relationships, project that it’s something you are passionate about. What you commit to is gonna take work but the ultimate payoff is very promising. On a personal level, in a Universal Year 4, finances, debts, family, marriage and work are always considerable themes. Money stuff is significant. for everyone! 2011 was a bit different so think back to 2002. what was happening then? You've had eighteen years to iron things out. 

Uprooting is taking place for those individuals, businesses and locations with a major 4, 6 and/or 8 in their Blueprint. Generally speaking, in 2020, these are the folks that will experience the most transition. In the next fourteen months, 4 and 8 could have to start over again in some area of their life. There is going to be some suffering and sadness for some 4's and 8's.


Accountants grab the media spotlight, not necessarily banking, we’ll see marked changes that have to do with banking in 2022. Lawyers, police, and courts will be busy throughout the year with crime cases and for those seeking divorce, compensation, settlements, retrenchments, pay-outs, class action suits, or recommence

Keep in mind, if you are in a Personal Year 1, something indicative of your previous Pinnacle or your current Pinnacle will set you on a new path. Oftentimes, there's a mixture of both. Say for instance a divorce (Pinnacle 6) that begets you a nice sum of money (Pinnacle 3) to start a new life. The problem this year is that you have to be very cognizant of how you spend the money, and also know that it'll take a lot more effort to reestablish yourself.


2020 is a time of awakening, double 20 puts an emphasis on a turning point, radical change. There are a couple of major decisions that will begin to shape the next decade. It’s time to put an end to PAST situations indicative of Number 2 that have stopped our progress for centuries. We can now move forward in a more promising direction but not without good judgment, dealing with truths, maturity, the awareness of the feelings of others and hard work.


In point of fact, there are two 20’s in 20 | 20. Master 22 is in 2022, which I believe is a huge year when it comes to large scale government and world affairs, improvements, and expansive undertakings. The underpinning of 2020 and changes in 2021 are the build-up to 2022. 


In February 2020, attention will return to your country, the nation. 


April - July is disheartening, much effort is required which makes tasks and projects difficult! From March-August 2020 You need to take responsibility for what hasn’t worked and dig deep to uncover what’s limiting your spiritual growth, and what is longer needed. What’s more, this year is about prioritizing your life. What’s important to you? Whatever is not working will require restructuring to be sustainable in the future. Again, with 4 what likely needs restructuring has to do with finances, work, housing, health, family.


I anticipate many career changes in 2020.


If it’s going to take a lot of effort, many will decide to finally pursue what they love. Whatever you pursue WILL take hard work and something that you will have to redo and then redo again so more so than any time in your life you’ll reassess your values and what’s really important to you. Based on the numbers, it is a very unusual and perhaps sad Christmas, Universal Month 16.


As denoted by the two 2’s in the next decade, relationships, partnerships, alliances are a considerable focus. The double 2 also denotes a dire need for balance. For many of you, in 2020, the balance is between work, family and health. Do what you can do, not what you have to overdo


2 raises our consciousness to the fact that one person's actions, one countries actions can and will influence everything around us.


In The News


Its an election year in the USA which fits nicely into the Universal Year 4. Politics, legal activities, campaign promoters, systems, regulations, economist, and government activities, manufacturing, real estate, coal mining, budgets, trade, healthcare, the law, judges, employment agencies, education, bridges/roads, public utilities, personal investments are some of the things that will dominate the news. Anticipate big news stories concerning real estate, manufacturing, trade, government benefits (food stamps, Medicaid, SSI) military and police. As well, expect crime to inch up,  Expect to hear of unprecedented losses in 2020 due to shoplifting, smash and grab, home invasions, credit card fraud, auto theft, hackers infecting counties, cities, and states with “ransomware.” On the flip side, 4 rules police and so, not only are law enforcement officers in the media spotlight in 2020, they are awfully busy too! Be careful of speeding tickets, driving drunk, or public anger because your chances of an arrest are increased.


2020 is a police year so the police are busy with homicides.

Together 4 and 8 are very karmic. In all probability, you will hear adverse news for folks with this signature. On the other hand, 4 and 8 can be a powerful good combination. Even if there are washouts, life-changing experiences, if you are mindful at all times, this combination of numbers can also be the cause of many triumphs in 2020. 4 and 8 are together in April 2020, this suggests that April will likely be a karmic month.

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Saturn Conjunct Pluto

Saturn conjunct Pluto is a major and rare astrological planetary event occurring about every 34 - 38 years and purportedly lasts slightly over two years. The last conjunction was on November 8, 1982, a Directive Cycle 5, Universal Year 2. The next Saturn Conjunct Pluto occurs on January 12, 2020, in a Directive Cycle 9, Universal Year 4.


The Directive Cycle and Universal Year numbers reveal areas worldwide wherein there is likely to be serious challenges and betterment.


1982 was what Personal Year for you? What experiences, Pinnacle were you working through in 1982? Your Numerology Pinnacle indicates the themes in your life wherein the 2020 Saturn conjunct Pluto will manifest the greatest changes for you personally and your Personal Year reveals the matters in 2020 that require much more effort. Be forewarned, if your Pinnacle and Personal Year come together this year, it'll be an eventful year. Themes associated with your Pinnacle will likely prove to be very challenging, so much so, you feel as if your life is out of control. What's more, if your Transit Number and Personal Year are both 4, 2020 will be an extremely restricting year for you.


Physical Health


2020 is a very difficult year for people born in 1944 and earlier as well as people that are already suffering from ill-health. Both physical and emotional health is a focus in 2020. Across the globe, numerous individuals young and old will suffer from a disease or a period of failing health.


7 doesn't bode well for physical health particularly when combined with 4. 2020 is a Universal Year 4 so, around the world, the vibration will somewhat lower everyone's vitality. That said, in 2020, people in a Pinnacle 7, Life Cycle 7, Personal Year 7, Transit 7, Transit 16, or Transit 25 must be watchful of their health.  Additionally, if you have two or more Letters G, Y or P activated at the same time, you must watch your health. Also, in 2020, people in a Pinnacle 4, Life Cycle 4, Personal Year 4, Transit 4, Transit 13, or Transit 22 must be watchful of their health. If you have two or more Letters D or M activated at the same time, health will be a concern in 2020. If in 2020, you have two or more Letters R activated at the same time, health will be a concern.

In 4 Cycles healing/recovery is usually long-drawn-out. 


2020 is a Universal Year 4, a number that co-rules sports and also health. For this reason, I am forecasting more than a few sports injuries in 2020 and January/February 202. A couple of sports injuries are career-ending.


More than likely there is a very active flu season in 2020, according to the CDC, most of the time flu activity peaks between December and February. In 2011, the flu season peaked in February, Universal Month 6 and four states had high levels of flu. Having said that, because of the mix of energies infections, hospitalizations, and deaths are likely higher this year.

There can be an increase in health concerns from February - May, and again from September - December. 

Much focus in 2020 is on diet, exercise, and health. Many daytime talk shows, news stories, ads and YouTube sites will feature health experts, medications, organic foods/recipes, nutrition, lifestyle changes, breakthrough treatments, and exercise equipment. As well there is an uptick in gym memberships.


By spring, you will see many more people walking, hiking, jogging, cycling. Many will participate in these activities because of health reasons or to relieve stress.  Stress is universal in 2020. And, for twelve months, there is a stronger possibility of problems with ALLERGIES, CIRCULATORY SYSTEM, HARDENING OF ARTERIES, HEART ATTACK, STROKE, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE, LUNGS, STOMACH, LIVER, GALL BLADDER, SKIN, ARTHRITIS, CLINICAL DEPRESSION. 

Posted December 31, 2019

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