Personal Development using NUMEROLOGY

There are many different modalities to help you examine your life so that you make better choices.

The word "Universe" implies global, worldwide, a common presence, a widespread presence. This is why in some measure, the 2020 Universal Year 4 energy inevitably affects everyone worldwide. In particular, national or international businesses, government projects and state and local affairs.

The responsibility of the Directive Cycle 9 is to uproot, tear out, remove, excavate the unhealthy and outdated habits, mindsets, people, situations and secreted sensitivities that no longer serve a beneficial purpose in your life. Think of the Universal Years as the officers carrying out the directives of the Commander in Chief (Directive Cycle). Although the same officers carry out the directives of the Commander in Chief, every nine years the mission, assignment changes. Moreover, every year there is a different loyal foot soldier (Universal Year) that is charged with carrying out the dictates of the Directive Cycle.


The Numerology Universal Year 4 focuses our attention on the basic structures underlying our life, in particular, the essential supporting structures of our life.


That justly said, everything in your life is interconnected, so at times this makes life a complex arrangement. In a Universal Year 4, everyone should take another look at their essential supporting structures. On account of the current Directive Cycle, growth in all areas of life is encouraged. Everyone, in particular businesses and governments, has to carefully look at situations in a different light. There is usually one or two specific areas that individually you and collectively we should rework to improve. Whether that is our family, work, housing, finances, and/or health structures; 2020 is an opportune year for you to reevaluate and adequately secure your base structures. 


Most of the visitors that visit are in their Formative Cycle or the early years of their Productive Cycle. Now and then, there's someone that finds their way to that is beginning the Third Pinnacle of their Productive Years. If you are on the cusp of your Third or Fourth Pinnacle, in a 2020 Personal Year 4, or in a Life Cycle 4, Pinnacle 4, or Transit 4, this 2020 Universal Year 4 is very important to you.


Keep in mind, your Third Pinnacle determines much about the winter of life; therefore, decisions, plans, and goals that you grow during the Third Pinnacle are of the utmost importance.

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Whenever 4 is triggered, the understructure of your life, those central components (money, housing, marriage, health, etc) needs restructuring. For some people, their entire lifestyle needs restructuring! Some fault lines rupture without warning, if this happens to you, situations can quickly develop into something large. You can bet wherever the fault line is in your life there will be hindrances, something that will feel like a ball and chain that makes progress or success difficult.


Everyone has three Life Cycles, four Pinnacles and oodles of Number and Letter Transits that change every year on your birthday. Not independently, but together, these factors accurately indicate the experiences you can reasonably expect throughout your lifetime.


It cannot be denied, 4 requires a great effort and is typically characterized as causing hardships or problems. On the other hand Life Cycle 3, Pinnacle 3 and Transit 3 are pleasanter cycles in life. 


However, what most folks don't realize is that although 3 is manifesting opportunities for you to be successful, improve your level of comfort, provide job security and happiness; 3, must have a good working relationship with the other numbers in your Blueprint that are in operation at the same time.


Take for example football quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Life 3, 3 Born, Pythagorean 3, Persona 3 and currently in a Formative Cycle 11 and First Pinnacle 14/5. He's in a ten-year Karmic Debt cycle that is happening in a Karmic Debt 14 Pinnacle. In spite of everything, all that 3 is certainly bringing him opportunities, particularly when it is tinged, it can be expansive energy - favorably or unfavorably. Following his departure from the 49ers in 2016, Kaepernick filed a grievance against the NFL and in February 2019, a Universal Year 3, it was announced that Kaepernick had reached a confidential settlement with the NFL and withdrew the grievance. Purportedly he had to split less than a $10 million settlement with another player. In September 2018, Nike released an ad featuring Kaepernick. In spite of this, he's losing because what Kapernick wants most, what will make him happy is to pick up again as a quarterback with the NFL. That said, he is on the cusp of a Second Pinnacle 28/1 overlaid by a Productive 3 so his luck will somewhat change for the better. However, because of his Karmic Debt Transits, and his Letter Transits once he crosses over into his Productive Cycle 3 and Second Pinnacle 1, for a few years, life will become increasingly more difficult for  Kaepernick.


True, you can manifest your dreams with 3, and life does seem to be easier, but in actuality, Transits depict how hard or easy the Cycle will it be. Like all other numbers, with 3, you could gain a fortune and lose a fortune. More often than not, people with an abundance of 3, and people in 3 Cycles have a distorted, wasteful or unhealthy mindset concerning money.


As well, too much of one specific energy can be challenging or even unconstructive. Asking for help and working cooperatively with others is difficult at best for people with an abundance of 3 energy. This includes people with a Life Cycle 3 overlaying a Pinnacle 3; typically the person refuses to make concessions. The truth is, because of this, there are more unproductive and impoverished 3’s than there are successful ones. Many have a challenge keeping their heads above water from day-to-day.

The same is true when 3 and 5 are in unison, the person's finances are liable to be messy.


Having said all that, your Number and Letter Transits which are typically referred to as "Essence Number" by most other numerologists are crucial to your happiness and success. Knowing the characteristics of your Personal Year is a great start but that doesn't encompass everything. 


My perspective is that the Personal Year 4, Personal Year 7, Universal Year 4 or Universal Year 7 are the best periods to ensure you are on the right path as you journey through life.


It is never all, but, with 4, by force of circumstance, something blocks or obstructs your path ahead. By its nature, with 7, there is something mysterious or difficult to understand that usually goes undetected. Also, my numeric perspective is the Personal Year 7 gradually begins to bring the nine-year cycle to a close; as a consequence, the pace of life slows down.


There is not much in this world that you HAVE TO DO do but you WILL suffer the consequences of what you don't do. By design, 4 doesn't allow for any exceptions or the loosening of standards. When it carries out orders, it is done in a determined and forceful way. As a consequence in 2020, and for those of you in 4 Cycles, lessons are rigidly enforced! 


The wonderful thing with 4, whatever you work doggedly on, whatever you commit yourself to and wherever you make an all-out effort, will develop into something lasting.

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