Personal Months 


Understanding your Personal Year and Personal Months will help you weather any storm. Together, your Personal Year and Personal Month can help determine the best time for seeking new employment, taking vacations, signing new contracts, asking for promotions, securing a loan.  Your goal should be "smooth" transitions that don't produce changes of great magnitude. Equally important is being careful and calculated in regards to what you think and how you behave in any given situation. 


This Chart is intended to give a general understanding of what’s in store for your particular Personal Year (PY) and Personal Month. Check back as often as necessary to determine which number is activated for any given month.

Numerology Personal Months 4 and 8.jpg

Gains. Months indicated by number eight (8) prophecy financial gains and business opportunities but equally more exorbitant expenses. Number eight (8) is karmic; karmic months typically have higher expenses, and increased chances for something that is disadvantageous or unfavorable.


Personal Year 5, 6, and 7 have two eight (8)  months. You have more chances to earn through work and effort, however, considerably more expensed during these years. These three prime years have the ability to produce financial growth or gain in your Personal Year 8.


Watch Budget. Months indicated by number four (4) prophecy unexpected expenses. There is a juggling to stay on top of your work schedule, home, and financial obligations.  There might perhaps be an unwelcomed automobile repair, business, or household expense.

Personal Year 1, 2, and 3 have two number four (4) months; this indicates increased chances for extremely bad employment, family, health, or financial situations to gradually worsen during these years. These three years feed into the Personal Year 4 where the rubber meets the road.


Wrap-Up. Months indicated by number nine (9)  is a period to bring something to a close. Stop worrying about the situation, it is finishing off. Do Not start anything new during the month (projects, job, relationship). This is also a month when there is an increased chance for someone to leave your life (sometimes through death), or you willingly give up a job, get terminated from a job, finish an assignment or an otherwise favorable period in your life comes to an end.


Crossroads. During December of your Personal Year 8 and November of your Personal Year 9, there may perhaps be a sudden decision that has to be made due to a crisis or new circumstances.