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Personal Year 6, Domestic Responsibilities

Every numerology number has a general nature; however, how you use the energy of the numbers shapes your experiences. Your Personal Year takes place within the confines of the Directive Cycle, Universal Year, Life Cycle, Pinnacle, and Transits. In consequence, your experiences are distinctly your own. Depending on your growth and sense of responsibility, your life experiences will vary with every nine-year cycle; thus, not necessarily mirror the experiences of other people or prior years. That said, here is a general overview of what to expect.


Personal Year 6 is a nice career and business year. You can look forward to advancing professionally. Most of the time February and August are promising months for one's career.  On the other side of the coin, in a Personal Year 6, the months of April, May, September, October are much more challenging months. While it's a nice career year, because of unexpected expenses and because you are more lighthearted, you will tend to spend unwisely; it is hard to stash away money with 6. 


A higher utility bill that you didn't anticipate, an unexpected school expense for your child, a flooded basement, the air conditioner stops working, you need a larger down payment than expected, money spent decorating your living quarters,

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Living quarters, home life, children, relatives, duties to your fanbase or the duties in your community can be an unwanted burden in your Personal Year 6. Personal Year 6 has a lot to do with rent or mortgage payments, refinancing, second mortgages, a lease agreement, your kid's education, a safer neighborhood. 


You might have to spend more hours and days babysitting your grandchildren, or an elderly relative or parent. You might spend a lot more time shopping for accessories for your home or clothing and furniture for a new baby.


Unfortunately, relationships and marital troubles will need tending to else, the problems go from bad to worse, thus, escalating conflicts.  Any health matters, yours or a family member will demand a lot more your attention during the year. Many women are pregnant in their Personal Year 6, and men become fathers.


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