A Potent Influence


Pinnacles are a vitally potent influence! Everyone has four Pinnacles. The First Pinnacle finishes off at twenty-seven to thirty-four years of age and the Final Pinnacle lasts until the last day of life. The Second and Third Pinnacles are the shortest; each Pinnacle is a nine-year span. Pinnacles are often the reason for the changing conditions in your life. As is common, irrespective of the other numbers in the Blueprint, you will gravitate to the energy of your Pinnacle. This is why the Pinnacle becomes the nerve center of your thoughts, activities, and way of life.

For instance, in a Pinnacle 8 without thinking, you are inclined toward egotism. You will have an over-concern with material possessions, recognition, honors, and wealth; sometimes, to the exclusion of everything else.


In a Pinnacle 6, without thinking, you are drawn homeward. Food preparations, caring for children, caring for parents (in particular the mother), and the joys and troubles in marriage and with other emotional attachments. Managing weighty housing, money, and health concerns is also normal.

In some instances, the Pinnacle is so strong it disempowers the Life Number, but most of the time, 
the Soul's Urge is shoulder to shoulder with the Pinnacle.


When all is said and done, from the start to the finish of your life, Pinnacles can be so strong they eclipse everything else you are expected to learn and do.