Planes of Expression graphic representation will help you understand how each letter in your name to a large extent, helps to define your personality. This graphic representation also helps you know the kind of employment you should seek. What work is best suited for you? Sometimes a person that is completely lacking in the qualities needed for a specific job; in this case, check the major numbers elsewhere in the Numerology Blueprint to determine if other numbers are providing the talents and traits required. You can also use this graphic representation (Planes of Expression) to quickly uncover the personality of potential employees, business partners, bosses, and even lovers.

A Mental person is someone in the general run of things that thinks logically. An Individual heavily weighted on the mental plane has strong reasoning powers. The way the person draws together and evaluates facts is why s/he is an entrepreneur, in positions of leadership or command over big businesses.


Many Mental letters (typically more than 5) suggest a person that is headstrong, a quick thinker, impulsive, contentious, uncooperative and challenging to deal with. Over time, this could affect the individual's leadership abilities and health.

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