Planning Your Move

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Undoubtedly, society is mobile. I’d venture to say that with the first non-stop trans-Atlantic commercial flight in 1938, a Universal Year 3, changes of residence and business locations have increased steadily over the years. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics reported that 815.3 million scheduled passengers traveled on U.S. airlines and foreign airlines serving the United Sates in 2012. U-Haul reports that 1 out of 5 people move every year and the average person will move 11 times in a lifetime. 

3 and 9 are symbolic of worldwide travel and 5 is indicative of intrastate or interstate travel, travel occurring within the boundaries of a single state or involving two or more states.


Tips For Planning A Move: Numerology Checklist


Every numerologist has their numeric perspective, mine is that Personal Years 1, 4, 5, and 6 are the pick of the bunch for moving to a new place. Unless essential, I passionately discourage moving to a new place in a Personal Year 7, 8, or 9. Keep in mind, my numeric perspective is that the ending phase is a four year period that begins in the Personal Year 7 and finishes off in your Personal Year 1. For that reason, Personal Years 7, 8 or 9 are not favorable times for moving. In life, going with the natural flow of things will always work to your advantage.

  • Personal Year 7, typically you are confused, uncertain, or displeased with your life and the confusion, uncertainty, and discontentment seep into key decisions. What’s more, since you are unclear about your direction in life, and in dire need of one's space, you are easily attracted to undesirable environments that aren't beneficial for a long period of time.


  • Personal Year 8, you are typically a big spender, overly optimistic, and too confident, thus take on more debt (rent, mortgage, nonessential items) than you can reasonably manage long term. In a Personal Year 8, you are more apt to take a big risk when moving, mostly based on your superficial idea on the comfort and pleasure that an expensive, fadish, high-end place of residence or neighborhood will provide. What’s more, in a Personal Year 8, moving is usually ultraexpensive.


  • Personal Year 9, typically your emotions are the driving force for a move. Change can’t happen fast enough so instead of going with the natural flow of life, you force the change. When emotions are allowed to creep up in decisions, good judgment is thrown out the window. Quite often you will hastily make the decision to move, and although the apartment or home is not right for you, you move anyhow, only to realize that you aren’t happy there either. The hasty move in a Personal Year 9 is often because of a divorce/separation, job loss, loss of a loved one, ill health, or the fruits of your Personal Year 8 (a new job, promotion). Most importantly, because situations in your life are finishing off, and your way of life and thinking is being transformed, it’s awkward to get comfortable in a new place. If you do decide to move, before long you determine you paid out too much, the place is not at all what you expected, or wanted. You can bet, if you move in a Personal Year 9, there's something you won't be quite happy about. Keep in mind, with 9, it’s hard for anything to take root, and that includes you becoming established in a new location, home, or apartment before October of your Personal Year 9.

Something as simple as a move can transform your quality of life.
Moving: The Jewels in the Crown

  • In a Personal Year 1, you are really busy and subconsciously pressured, thus you could easily overlook some details. On the other hand, it’s a time to begin life in a new way or make a crucial adjustment. Usually, something in your life, such as a health crisis, new job, divorce, death of a loved one, or bankruptcy pushes you to make changes to your living conditions. In a Personal Year 1, the key to transforming your quality of life is not to be too high and mighty, listen to advice, and then go in search of an environment that is fitting for your future growth.


  • In a Personal Year 4, the Universe is pressing you to rethink and reorganize. It may perhaps be that you have to change direction with your household, or employment, thus move in order to shore up your base. Generally, in a Personal Year 4, financial, legal, marriage, employment, or heath situations (yours or a family member) turn up, there is something you have to deal with that you can no longer wriggle out of, or avoid. More often than not, your Personal Year 4 is the planning stage and as a consequence, a move happens in your Personal Year 5. The benefit of sorting out possible move options in a Personal Year 4 is that you are levelheaded and mindful of the amount of money you are spending and therefore, aware of what is needed so that you and/or your family can keep going. It’s best to house hunt between March and August of your Personal Year 4.

  • In a Personal Year 5, things typically align in your favor. A year 5 is symbolic of movement, freedom of movement, thus the energy of the year supports moving to a new home or a new location. Nevertheless, it’s important NOT to skip the planning stage during the preceding year because, in a Personal Year 5, you are restless, impulsive, bad with money and not concentrating which feeds into your decision-making. In spite of this, you are up for change. This year any change is better than no change at all so wherever you land, you’ll make the best of it. Just the same, if you are planning a move it usually happens before March of your Personal Year 6.  


  • In a Personal Year 6, your attention is drawn to family and household affairs. Usually, if you didn’t move in your Personal Year 5, as you roll along into your Personal Year 6 the desire is still there. This is one of the best years to purchase or build a new home because your attention is on social pleasantries, the attractiveness of the neighborhood environment, the things that will keep your family and you comfortable, and a location and community where you’ll feel relaxed and "at home." When you move in a Personal Year 6, everything seems to fall in place! In spite of this, as in your Personal Year 8, because of your lavish taste, the move usually cost lots of money; and because of a desire to have great comfort, you will most likely exceed your limit on rent/mortgage and nonessential items it.